Saturday, February 3, 2007

guess what?...

chicken squat!
no, that's not it.
guess what I'm listening to?
did you say the newly mastered Bears record?
that's impressive. how did you do that?
so, how is the new bears record?
in fact for my money the first four songs alone are worth the the price of admission.
the record begins with one song from each of the four bears and truly shows the depth of
writing and pop music mastery this band can achieve. (in its own off-kilter way)
1. zelda a twisted rollercoaster rocker from rob fetters. rob asked specifically for the guitar style I used on david bowie's lodger (in particular the song red sails). he got it.
2. veneer a bob song with thumping toms and one of rob's best guitar lines ever.
I sing it: "the great ape arrived in a shiny red humvee".
it's awesome and includes a bad bob bass solo!
as well as sinewy backwards guitar from you know who.
3. a remake of an adrian tune I always thought should have been a bears song.
(no way, I'm not telling you the name).
4. troubled beauty my favorite chris arduser ballad ever. beautifully troubling.

that's my teaser.
of course there's much more and we bears agree it's likely our best yet.
two other things really stand out to me personally:
a) bob's bass playing is stunning and is something of a feature throughout the record,
and b) the sound of the record.
rob called it "dimensional".
the real star of the show is ken latchney.
this was ken's last record and he poured himself into it.
ken spent many many hours alone slaving over a hot console in search of the elusive
1000% mix. underneath the quietly gruff ken exterior was a secret spot for this record.

ala carte:
it looks as though the Laurie Anderson Adrian Belew Fretless Wonder may be headed to a museum in florida. I'll be speaking with the curator on monday.

speaking of monday, don't forget to start your dust collection first thing monday
with a real buried treasure from the past.

the power trio's show at the cleveland rock n' roll hall of fame is SOLD OUT but you can still catch us in the sweaty canal street bar in dayton ohio hitler or shout yourself silly onto our live record side 4 being recorded saturday night feb 17 at the southgate house in newport, ky.
a splendid time is guaranteed for all.


  1. I can't wait for dust or the Bears New record. I feel like a real slacker I stayed cuerrent with the Solo Belew records But I must confess until I found you on eBay and then your Website I did not know of the Bears New\CD. I have ordered it form your website and it came with lightning speed and I must say very nicely done Album. It has been a joy listening Bravo!!!!!

    I was wondering if you have any plans to make the Accoustic Adrian Belew a Downloadable album???!? I bought that CD at a concert in Columbus Ohio in the early to mid 90's and It has become the album we begin and end family car trip Vacations with :) . Last October a very, very bad man broke into my car and stole many things including the CD out of the In dash Cd Player which was tAAB. I have the Case and the inserts but not the Disc.

    Also any news on the Belew Box mentioned in the Guitar player interview? I would love to sound like I play fast!!!

    I am still looking for a babysitter so My wife and I can see the Dayton Show hopefully I can find one before tickets are sold out.

    PS Love the beat box guitar live D0wnload.

  2. This is sure to be a highlight record for 2007. So glad to hear that all talents - including much loved Bad Bob Bass - have gone into another great gift for us longtime fans.

  3. the belew box , my goodness , this sounds very interesting , indeed .

  4. petey, aren't you the one who HATED side one so much. that's cool. life is too short as it is. the belewbox is going nowhere so far. several companies have expressed an interest until they realize the cost of tooling up, manufacturing, advertising, etc.
    after that I never hear from them again. my new guitar devices are the just new combinations of the same old things (chorus, flange distortion, delay, blah blah) but this pedal actually changes what you can PLAY. probably too far ahead of its time.
    kinda like side one.
    cheers, adrian

  5. yes WE took a song by song poll , and for some reason my family didnt care for side one so much , but side two and side three seem to apeal much , much more to our minds . i guess thats part of the beauty of music is it's subjectivity , if everyone went around whistling the same tune , would that make this a better place ?

    i am a bit perplexed in that you apparently never noticed our positive comments on sides 2 & 3 . we usually enjoy all three during our games of frisbee golf , in the woods on a ridiculously loud "portable" homemade sound system powered by deep cells.

    i dont know , maybe they sound a step forward from side one which is what i love to hear when i buy any artists album, especially yours . & blows away @ , it is just so much more surreal of a peice for obvious reasons , honestly i couldnt choose a fav between 2 and 3 .

    didnt mean to bug ya , petey twofinger .

  6. How about making some of the old OOP Bears cd's available for download on store belew?? I'd pay!! I can't find my cassette of Rise and Shine anywhere!!