Monday, February 12, 2007

CyberSpace, The Final Frontier

thanks for the all these comments.
it's like a conversation over dinner at J. Alexander's.
should I make us a lemon drop?
no worries, darlings.
I was only testing 1... 2, remember.
I have no stomach for abandonment.
"I never questioned loyalty*"

even if cyberspace turned out to be an empty void,
I don't mind talking to myself.

*from Dig Me by King Crimson


  1. do they serve crow at j. alexanders ? "

    np : under the radar .

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  3. Hi Adrian I love having cyber dinner with you. It gives me something to look forward to. Please keep it up …. I am listening. If I want to talk to you in person again I will just have to walk down the streets of NY. LOL Love Tim

  4. Adrian, your ebay auctions prove that you really do have "an embarrassing array of electronic devices" here's one more that you need. Voice active computer. Then you can forget the carpal tunnel problems and just talk to us.
    Thanks for being real. D.C.

  5. Gosh, I gotta check in here more often! Looks like I missed some drama... :)

    Hey, Steve Reich live is a whole 'nother experience, isn't it? I saw Four Organs last year and loved the heck out of it. Would love to catch Music for 18 Musicians in person sometime.

    Have fun with the shows & keep on blogging... I'm looking forward to when I ain't wondering where next month's rent is coming from and can check out some of these here dust particles!

    Fare forward voyager --