Friday, July 30, 2010

it's a dangerous place...

when marco minnemann boarded his united airlines
flight from tokyo back home to san diego I'm sure he thought
it would be another routine boring 12-plus-hours spent
shifting uncomfortably back and forth in his seat.
or maybe he wondered if he'd be sitting next to some
beautiful babe or a BO smelly rabi (as I once was).
marco is a savvy world traveler used to such things.

I bet he never imagined what would really happen:
that 10 minutes after take-off out over the pacific ocean
the pilot would suddenly announce that one of the plane's
engines was on fire!! and that the flight was now officially in
emergency landing mode; but that is what happened.
fortunately they made it back and landed safely.

which brings home a very serious thought I often have:
our job as international performers is a dangerous one.

good to have you back on earth, marco.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

my favorite band in the world...

The Parrots!
every time I go to Tokyo I look forward to my favorite evening out:
a night with The Parrots at the Abbey Road club in Roppongi.
it always proves to be the most fun ever.

the Parrots transport me back in time to the simpler fun-filled days
of my youth when The Beatles music filled my every waking moment
and the world itself seem to be on some kind of magical mystery trip.

I doubt the mighty Beatles could sound as good as the Parrots
who easily capture the spirit of the times, the joy of the music
and put a mile-wide smile across my face while I gleefully
sing along with every word, every harmony, play along with
the ringo fills, the fab guitar licks, and masterful orchestrations.
you can't imagine the joy it brings me.

I visited with the Parrots in their cramped backstage area
and as usual they asked me to join the band onstage.
they showed me their set list of 200 beatle songs!
(all of which they play to perfection)
and we picked out two songs for me to sing:
one from paul: all my lovin'
and one from john: nowhere man.

it was a indeed a splendid time for all!
thank you Parrots.
you're my favorite band in the world.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hello tokyo!

today I am packing, tomorrow I am flying to japan.
this will be my 15th visit to japan. I love it there.
I'm bringing a power trio which is, well, very powerful!
I'm so excited about this version and can't wait
to hear the evolution of this line-up over 4 shows
4 nights in a row at the same venue.
last time we thoroughly enjoyed the Blue Note.
what a fabulous place to play.
I'm hoping all the fans show up for this one.
these shows should not be missed.

today I have also done a half dozen interviews for
the upcoming shows in argentina, chile, and uraguay.
it's not often I can play in south america,
a rare opportunity for us and the audience
and I can feel the excitement building.
I think we'll be on fire by then!

Friday, July 16, 2010

this lets me off the hook!

that was robert's joking reply to this posting
from bill on the bruford website:

"on the re-union thing, and asking would I do an 80’s KC?
Not if I can help it!
It’s precisely because I loved the 80s band so much
that I would be highly unlikely to try to recreate
the same thing, a mission I fear destined to failure.
My experience of reunions, has, on the whole, been underwhelming."

I certainly cannot disagree with bill's reasoning..

robert went on to say in this morning's email
he has so much important stuff to do right now that
"rather than saying no, I can't say yes".
on a positive note he indicated he would rather spend his energies
toward new krimson music, although not in the near future.

so there we have it.
there will be no 80's krimson.
but there may be new krimson someday.
I can live with that.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Even the acronym sounds rhythmical.
The third version of the power trio began with a huge bang
Saturday on the main stage of the Vancouver Island Musicfest
When our set caused a sensation that was by all accounts
The talk of the entire festival.
Fittingly the set ended when we blew out the power!

Marco Minnemann is a phenomenal drummer.
I cannot imagine doing what he can do with four limbs.
When he takes a drum solo Julie and I can hardly
Stop laughing at how ridiculous it is!
Marco could easily be in Krimson,
Which is my highest drummer compliment.

Sunday was spent playing two more shows jamming with
Various great players from different styles and backgrounds.
The result was fabulous, at one point reminding me of
the Talking Heads extended band, only with 12 musicians
Jamming on Thela Hun Ginjeet. Wow!

The trio was so excited we even jammed late night with a
Great local band in a nearby pub.
We played Writing On The Wall, Three Of A Perfect Pair,
and Purple Haze.

Next stop: Planet Japan.

Ps: I want to thank Doug Cox and his crew for making our stay
A marvelous one. Vancouver Island is gorgeous, the weather was
Perfect, and everyone treated us like royalty.
We hope to be back next year.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a crimson exclamation point

to all of you who posted your thoughts about my hope
that the 80's crim might chose to play together again
I would like to say thanks, yes, even to the person
who called me an asshole!* everybody has one and I'll
admit I can act like one now and then.

my thought was a simple one: I felt and still feel
a nostalgic longing to make that music again
the same way it was made to begin with,
i.e. with the same people who created it.

yes, of course I knew it was very likely NOT to happen.
and since robert has not yet called I feel pretty
certain it's not on his agenda. I respect robert's
thought and wishes. some people have intimated robert
might prefer to start a new krimson without me. to be
candid, that would hurt, but he has the right to do so.
I support robert in whatever he needs.

yes, bill has retired from public performances.
I understand his motives more than most people
ever will. there are many times, usually brought on
by the actions of others, when I could easily see
myself doing the same thing.
I suppose it was presumptuous of me to think he
might change his mind, but I know in bill's heart
he has to be proud of his work in krimson.
I figured maybe if robert, tony, and I agreed to
do it again, he might have a change of heart.
and finally, words like heart and love are what
prompted my desire in the first place.
not money as some have suggested.

I am a very busy and gratified man.
I am not desperate to work with anyone,
nor do I need money enough to ever compromise myself.
as I've said before, money has little power over me.

so...will the mighty crim rise again?
likely not any time soon, and probably never
in the 1981 guise. I accept that as fact.
so please allow me to gracefully back away from my
comments and allow robert (and bill and tony) their
rights as well. I am an artist and as such I have
moments of fantasy and sometimes I dream.
I meant no harm.
thanks again for all your comments.

back to life: today I have a very involved set of
plane frights to vancouver island, including an
overnight layover from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m. in the
vancouver airport before making two more short
flights to the island itself!
then I rehearse with a new version of the power trio.
wish us luck.

*my desire to play with robert, bill, and tony
is not an exclusion of pat, trey, and gavin.
I loved working with all of the crimettes
and have a healthy respect for each of them.