Monday, July 12, 2010


Even the acronym sounds rhythmical.
The third version of the power trio began with a huge bang
Saturday on the main stage of the Vancouver Island Musicfest
When our set caused a sensation that was by all accounts
The talk of the entire festival.
Fittingly the set ended when we blew out the power!

Marco Minnemann is a phenomenal drummer.
I cannot imagine doing what he can do with four limbs.
When he takes a drum solo Julie and I can hardly
Stop laughing at how ridiculous it is!
Marco could easily be in Krimson,
Which is my highest drummer compliment.

Sunday was spent playing two more shows jamming with
Various great players from different styles and backgrounds.
The result was fabulous, at one point reminding me of
the Talking Heads extended band, only with 12 musicians
Jamming on Thela Hun Ginjeet. Wow!

The trio was so excited we even jammed late night with a
Great local band in a nearby pub.
We played Writing On The Wall, Three Of A Perfect Pair,
and Purple Haze.

Next stop: Planet Japan.

Ps: I want to thank Doug Cox and his crew for making our stay
A marvelous one. Vancouver Island is gorgeous, the weather was
Perfect, and everyone treated us like royalty.
We hope to be back next year.


  1. Absolutely loved seeing you and your Trio performing at the Festival in Comox!

    Easily one of the highlights of the weekend was the Thela Hun Ginjeet jam. Hadn't seen Krimson live in almost 40 years and that helped fill that void. Wasn't Tanya Tagaq astounding?

    How is the chewing gum holding up? ;-)

  2. Awesome ! I hope to see this version of the ABPT . . . or at least hear a live recording.

  3. sounds great , will the painting show make its rounds to chicago ever ?

    pt2 .

  4. I'm pretty sure more than one of us would gladly pay for a copy of a board recording of one of these wonderful shows. Just say the word, and we're there!

  5. It was truly an honour to meet the band in person at Vancouver Island Music Fest - my wife and I really enjoyed your show on Saturday night, too. Like the MC said, it was probably the first time in Music Fest history that a band caused the sound equipment to have a spontaneous orgasm.

  6. How about visiting Europe and especially Prague? We're waiting for you :)

  7. Look forward to the trio coming to New York sometime (I hope). Although I've seen Crimso more times than I can count (starting with the Beat tour), I've yet to see your trio.

  8. So good to hear! The Power Trio roars on!

  9. ...From TVC15 to ABPTv3.....WTF?!? LOL!

    Sounds like a blast. Hope to hear this version sometime.....The Music is The Highest Power...!


  10. did anyone noticed that Eric Slick doesn't appear anymore in the current line-up?
    what happened? I cannot find any news about Eric's departure from the band...

    Did I miss something?

  11. Another voice for the astounding shows on Vancouver Island. The jam in the barn was unbelievable! Thela Hun Ginjeet with Mauri drumming and chanting, then Inuit throat singing climaxing with your electric lead, I should have brought diapers.
    I hope there is a recording of it, what an eclectic mix! Please make sure Vancouver Island is on your schedule next year.

  12. Great show at the Vancouver Island Music fest! I caught the power blast on the main stage..Folk fests are just not designed to handle the POWER! Glad you fixed the guitar!
    The Barn jam was FREAKIN'AWESOME. Throat singer? Maori isntruments? I was blown away. That will live on in my memory for ever!
    Took about 1500 pics over the weekend. Will have them up for viewing by the end of the week.Anything you want, feel free to download, if you want the original sized shots, let me know, maybe we will trade for an autographed cd or vinyl (if you still do that)
    Cheers and thanks!
    Best thing I've seen at music fest yet!

  13. Yes, The 3 shows at VIMF were unbelievable. Meeting Adrian, certainly a highlight.

    As others have stated the Thela Hun Ginjeet jam was truly amazing. I hope someone caught a recording of that.

    Wondering if we will hear Tanya Tagaq on your next album Adrian.

    Thanks for coming to our part of the world. I hope you enjoyed your visit.


  14. ABPT V3 is music to my ears. Well, it could be. Maybe. Hopefully.

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  16. Hi Adrian. Happy because you're coming back to Buenos Aires!!! I interviewed you in 1994 and I already asked for an interview with the producers down here... one for my newspaper Pagina/12 and one for my radio show! (maybe's too much, I know),
    See you soon.

  17. Hi Adrian,

    Once you're coming to South America, why don't you come to Brazil?

    We'd love to see your power trio as I asked you after the Philly show in 2008, remember?

    Hope to see you here!