Friday, July 30, 2010

it's a dangerous place...

when marco minnemann boarded his united airlines
flight from tokyo back home to san diego I'm sure he thought
it would be another routine boring 12-plus-hours spent
shifting uncomfortably back and forth in his seat.
or maybe he wondered if he'd be sitting next to some
beautiful babe or a BO smelly rabi (as I once was).
marco is a savvy world traveler used to such things.

I bet he never imagined what would really happen:
that 10 minutes after take-off out over the pacific ocean
the pilot would suddenly announce that one of the plane's
engines was on fire!! and that the flight was now officially in
emergency landing mode; but that is what happened.
fortunately they made it back and landed safely.

which brings home a very serious thought I often have:
our job as international performers is a dangerous one.

good to have you back on earth, marco.


  1. "I'd rather be right here " ...Glad he is safe !!!
    Loved the Parrots post, you look and sound SO HAPPY !!!!
    Love this life...peace xo

  2. So happy, Marco is in good condition!

  3. It's a dangerous place, but safety is in numbers and odds are we will be okay. I manage a store and got stuck working overnight; I was ask aren't you scared of being robbed and I said,"No time to worry 'bout that because life is too short,(dwarf in front row at World Cafe Live,Philly); besides we are not even safe in our own homes,(think Elizabeth Smart.. Sharon Tate...). Whether flying,sailing, mountain climbing or whatever, if we live by doing good, good things will come our way so don't be afraid.
    I worry about errant meteors our space junk landing on us rather than my fellow beings doing bad things us.
    Glad Marco is alright and please keep posting.
    Hope to see you again in Philadelphia soon.

  4. ...errant meteors or space junk...

  5. glad there was no falling bird - and you are right the seas are stormy at times for you - Chicago is calling - by trian or bus maybe?

  6. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

  7. i gonna see you at trastienda club-uruguay.please,plays"drive" for me

  8. I'm just travelling tonight from Temuco (South of Chile) to see the show in Santiago Tomorrow.
    Thanks for visiting us at this latitudes...

  9. howdy doody adrian. felipe checking in. suspect your in or close to BsAs. sent u extense answer to your mail but no reply so figured u were trying to avoid meteorites, smelly rabbis and the such. while jet lagging around the planet. See u at Sunday show if I dont hear from u before.

  10. I will never forget your concert tonight here in Chile.

    Thanks, and como back!

  11. I still can't believe what I heard tonight... (at first row Santiago Chile). It was a very inspiring moment. Great band you have. Thanks a lot for your music, hopping you come back.

    Vicente Brunet M√ľnnich

  12. Adrian Belew!!!!! come to Brazil!!!!!
    You have many fans in our country, we love him very much, your work and history is beautiful!!!
    Come to Brazil please! in nine days you'll be in Uruguay, come with your band!!!


  13. Thank you, Adrian for visiting us, thank you for youre music, i hope you come back to Chile

  14. Please give us an update!

  15. Hello Adrian, recently saw your show in Buenos Aires and I have to say that without doubt was the best show of my life and although it is early to ask whether you would like me to come back some day and if there is any chance to meet you in person because that my friends and I admire you greatly.

    Thank you very much for the magic and you're good.

    Sebastian & co.


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