Monday, April 12, 2010

about "painting with guitar"

sorry I have been a little blog lax of late.
it's because as the first date draws near,
I'm getting sooo excited about playing the one man show
painting with guitar
that I've been working day and night designing new sounds,
learning material, practicing, and writing new pieces.

the state-of-the-art downsized super rig is slowly, byte by byte
becoming a reality and I dare say my guitar has never
sounded so good, positively rife with new sonic wrinkles.

apart from several sections from e and the customary
version of drive I won't be playing much of anything
you've heard me do before with the trio or krimson.
I've chosen mostly songs from op zop too wah, a couple
of bears songs (one I've never played live), a few things
from side 1, and mixed them with brand new pieces,
places for some (hopefully) blazing guitar improvs
and a chance to field questions from the audience.
in place of the explosive energy of a rock concert I hope
to offer the quieter refinements of beautiful songs,
improvisation, conversation, a surprise or two, and
of course a rare chance to see a few of my paintings close up.

I've just learned the Fairfield, Ohio show is now sold out!
my advice: don't miss this one.

ps: the above photo is of the latest painting finished
just a few weeks back. in an effort to create more dimension
I bolted two canvases together with parts of the second
canvas showing through a large hole in the first one.