Monday, April 12, 2010

about "painting with guitar"

sorry I have been a little blog lax of late.
it's because as the first date draws near,
I'm getting sooo excited about playing the one man show
painting with guitar
that I've been working day and night designing new sounds,
learning material, practicing, and writing new pieces.

the state-of-the-art downsized super rig is slowly, byte by byte
becoming a reality and I dare say my guitar has never
sounded so good, positively rife with new sonic wrinkles.

apart from several sections from e and the customary
version of drive I won't be playing much of anything
you've heard me do before with the trio or krimson.
I've chosen mostly songs from op zop too wah, a couple
of bears songs (one I've never played live), a few things
from side 1, and mixed them with brand new pieces,
places for some (hopefully) blazing guitar improvs
and a chance to field questions from the audience.
in place of the explosive energy of a rock concert I hope
to offer the quieter refinements of beautiful songs,
improvisation, conversation, a surprise or two, and
of course a rare chance to see a few of my paintings close up.

I've just learned the Fairfield, Ohio show is now sold out!
my advice: don't miss this one.

ps: the above photo is of the latest painting finished
just a few weeks back. in an effort to create more dimension
I bolted two canvases together with parts of the second
canvas showing through a large hole in the first one.


  1. Can't wait to hear the Super Rig of Terror in action.
    Hoping to make it to at least one of the shows.
    And a sold out show to boot!

  2. Hi Ade,

    I'm really looking forward to this. The new shows, yes, but also just the beginning of a new chapter. I welcomed your ebracing of the power trio format but I also welcome the new beginning.

    Thanks for what you bring,

  3. Got my tix for the Fall River, MA show - very excited to hear the new material. (I'm digging that two-canvas beast as well).

  4. I'll be attending the Columbus Ohio concert at The Basement...looking forward to hearing all of this!!! It will be my first Belew concert and I'm very excited :D

  5. will there be any more dates for this show ?

    Prairie Center for the Arts in Schaumburg was the nicest venue we have had the blessing of attending a show , ever . everyone was sitting down ! a dream come true (back injury) , the acoustics were heavenly .

    what are the odds of the rest of us getting to see this ? no opzop tour broke my heart !

    i almost tinkled my pants with laughter the first listen on that one . sat on the patio with sony mdr 7506 cranked on a sun shiny day laughing like a madman . a lot of our neighbors refused to acknowledge me after that .

    i promise i wont even ask a question !
    (blatant lie) .

  6. Kant weight too sea & here sum grate Beloopery.

  7. Any pix of your reduced rig for us gearheads, mate?

  8. Would love to see and hear this! Any thoughts of another west coast jaunt (especially Los Angeles)?

    Thanks, and have a *great* time!!!

  9. Adrian, you need to take this show on a college/art galleries tour. Bring prints of your paintings for display & sale and play your music as part of the living painting of music. This would open many more avenues for you, I'm sure.

  10. I like the wise Doctor's idea! :D

    Hi Adrian!

  11. good luck and godspeed, hope you make the west coast, I've gotta hat waiting for ya!!

  12. Please come back to San Francisco. Saw you at the Old Waldorf with King Crimson years back. Amazing. Love to hear what you've been up to lately.

  13. I'll be at Vienna's show tomorrow nite with 3 other buds who love your work. I have never seen you play live, but as an owner of the live Deja Vroom DVD ('99), i have been craving the opportunity for many years. I did, however, see you at a distance with the Crimson guys in the balcony of Kannai Hall, Yokohama, in 1995 or 96, and we were the only ones up there as David Sylvian played that night. Just began listening to the Bears, so glad you want to try those on us, too. All the Best.

  14. S T O K E D ! ! !

  15. We saw your Vienna Va show last night. Love that you are doing new things and using new technologies and creating all sorts of sounds I never heard or even imagined before. Your music is beautiful and your guitar playing is unique to this world! We thought the paintings added so much to the experience. Thanks so much for an unexpectedly wonderful Thursday night!

  16. Fun show last night in Vienna! Very personal, witnessing the creative process.
    Regarding five dollar foot longs see:
    "On the word long, [the guitar part] goes down from a C to an A-flat," he said, strumming, "which is kind of a weird place. It's definitely not a poppy, happy place. It's more of a metaly place" hmmmm

  17. Great show last night in Pittsburgh Adrian, sounded great, man those loops were awesome, i need to burn my Boomerang and never loop again!! Very Inspiring Show, great art work. Thanks for coming to the 'Burgh.

  18. Awesome Show in Dayton!
    Great Encore also.
    Thanks Adrian.

  19. Adrian the Winchester show was amazing. The new rig is amazing and as always you are as fun to watch now as my first AB show GaGa. Best Jim

    PS: Sell Prints, The new tunes are amazing and a live cd would be great for all.

  20. Ade,
    fantastic show last night at the winchester. loved your new sonic arsenal. can't wait to see how it develops. thanks for your kindness.

  21. encore was a tech-no style dance number . I think he made it up on spot.

  22. エイドリアンBelewは金曜日または土曜日のデイトンオハイオ州で再度遊ぶ。

  23. It was a pleasure to open the last show of the tour... and an even bigger pleasure to sit at the bar with you and Daniel till 3am, and help you load out...

    12 year old me would've fainted!!!

    Fernando Perdomo from Dreaming in Stereo

  24. hey fernando,
    you did a fine job opening for adrian, your sound is quite nice, thanks. But didn't Daniel need to be on a flight at 6am? why did you guys keep him out till 3!!

  25. hey fernando,
    thanks for opening. it was great to meet (and hear) you, too. was it really that late?
    it was a cool venue and the people were sweet.
    love to hear more of your music.


    ps: don't forget to send emmitt's info.

  26. What an exciting experience!/Hilarious! Delightful! True!/wonderful stuff! thank you!
    oil painting on canvas