Sunday, February 22, 2009

e news flash!!!

the power trio tore through all 5 sections of e
in world-record time: six days to track bass and drums.
that's what I call slick.
(sorry, I couldn't stop my fingers)

julie fueled us with delicious lunches
as well as two evening meals to die for.
(one of which I voted best meal of 2008/09)

eric received the awesome news he is now
an official endorser of ludwig drums.
I am so very happy for him.
a) eric deserves it a thousand times over
b) he will be a terrific ambassador for ludwig and
c) I love ludwig drums!

since my junior high school marching band days
I have always loved ludwig drums.
I remember hours spent drooling over
ludwig drum catalogs; one of my favorite fantasies.
ringo's black oyster pearl kit. my dream.

saul z. is playing shows on the east coast.
upon his return next week, he and I will
continue the process by adding guitar orchestration.
I'll keep you posted.


last tuesday's visit to sweetwater sound was amazing,
the presentation of the signature parker a big success,
and the evening's concert a knockout.

alongside john vitale and bill rowe from parker
eric, julie and I had a marvelous time.
a fun day we will always remember.
we learned things and made new friends.

to say sweetwater sound is incredible
would be a gross understatement.
you have to see it to believe it.
the facility is the perfect working environment
created in the greenest ways possible,
spiffy clean and world class in every regard
and staffed by smart friendly people
who are experts at what they do.

truly a model of what a modern business should be.
our sincere thanks to everyone involved.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

if we were brits...

this is what eric and I might look like.
raaather booor-ish.
(no hate mail, please, we love all things british)
(except maybe sheppard's pie)

meanwhile, the recording of e is doing bloody well indeed
and julie's lunches are simply smashing.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the beautiful people...

over the weekend I wrote the foreword to a new book
called rock guitar to be published by the italian
publisher white star. they make high-quality large
format coffee table-type books. I have one of their
car books simply called american cars.
rock guitar promises to be a very nice book with a
variety of guitarists including your faithful author.

meanwhile studiobelew was undergoing a major
facelift at the hands of saul zonana and a cadre
of audio students in anticipation of the recording of

last night the power duo of eric and julie arrived
just in time for a delicious mexican meal.
then we celebrated the joy of starting our first
new record together with a crazed impromptu
photo session. (see above photo by eric)

this morning and every morning for the next
six days we'll be hard at work in the studio.
next monday we'll fly to ft. wayne for the parker
presentation on tuesday.

then saul and I will proceed to polish e
to a fine and delicate luster.

wish us luck!

Monday, February 2, 2009

It's here!

the adrian belew signature edition parker fly is at last a reality!
parker is producing them as we speak (except we're not really speaking)
now anyone who wants to take out a second mortgage
can play the same exact guitar I play. it's such a beauty!
the ferrari of electric guitars!
the ad pictured above is from the new 2009 parker catalog.

to officially celebrate the release we are having a presentation
at sweetwater sound in ft. wayne, indiana on february the 17th.
sweetwater sound is no doubt the largest purveyor of
high-end gear of all types. perfect for the parker.
in the morning there is a 7:30 presentation and concert
for sweetwater's staff of 140 sales people.
in the afternoon I'll be hanging around the store making
myself available for chit chat with the public.
then in the evening I will play a FREE concert for anyone who
shows up at the sweetwater store.
and I'm bringing special guests to excite the ears.
for more information please call (206) 432-8176
see you there!