Monday, June 20, 2011

A Celebration of King Crimson Music and Much More...

remember when I mentioned something special
was being planned for our next tour?
well, here it is:

the Two Of A Perfect Trio tour.
the show will go like this:

(tony levin, markus rueter, and pat mastelotto)
will play a set of their music
the adrian belew power trio (me, julie slick, and tobias ralph)
will play a set of my music
tony, pat, and I will play a few crimson songs as a trio
both trios will take the stage for a glorious set of
king crimson music including pieces from the double trio era.
two drummers, two stick players, a bassist, and a guitarist, YOW!
what a sound that's gonna be.
the dates should be listed here soon.

2011 marks my (and tony's) 30-year anniversary
of being in king crimson, something I'm very proud of.
this once in a lifetime show is a perfect way to celebrate.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tomorrow morning (wednesday, june 8) I'm going to drive,
yes, drive two days to brooklyn to rehearse with ABPTv4,
aka julie slick and tobias ralph
we'll play a lovely 45 minute set on saturday night, june 11
at the williamsburg waterfront as the opener
for coheed and cambria. come on out!

I'm really looking forward to playing with julie and tobias again,
heck, I'm even looking forward to the two days
of solitary confinement in my honda van (and two days back).
it will give me some time to write lyrics for all these
new songs which have been pouring out of me lately.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ned Evett Rides Again!

this past monday we put the final touches on ned's new record
tenatively called treehouse which also happens to be
one of my personal favorites of the 14 songs on the record.

it all worked out beautifully: great songs from ned
and great performances from everyone involved made it
a very pleasant experience, one I hope to repeat in the future.

if I had to catagorize ned's music (which moves from delta blues
to r&b and even, dare I say it, flashes of pop music)
I would call it modern americana in the best sense of the term.
vocally he has a flexible cast of characters which keep
the songwriting variety even more interesting.

what often sounds like blazing slide guitar work is actually
ned's main instrument fretless guitar and he uses it
in various ways from open-tuned chording and finger picking
to out right slamming solo passages.

it's a wonderful record and I can't wait to hear the finished mixes
which will not be done by me and daniel but will be deftly
handled by grammy-winning mixer ryan hewitt (chili peppers, etc.)

check out for future info.
great stuff, ned!