Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tomorrow morning (wednesday, june 8) I'm going to drive,
yes, drive two days to brooklyn to rehearse with ABPTv4,
aka julie slick and tobias ralph
we'll play a lovely 45 minute set on saturday night, june 11
at the williamsburg waterfront as the opener
for coheed and cambria. come on out!

I'm really looking forward to playing with julie and tobias again,
heck, I'm even looking forward to the two days
of solitary confinement in my honda van (and two days back).
it will give me some time to write lyrics for all these
new songs which have been pouring out of me lately.


  1. don't type and drive!! Use a tiny recorder if, like me, you can't remember that amazing line. LYRICS!! Yayaya!!

  2. daniel set me up with a voice-activated notebook in my ipad so I just talk while I drive.
    isn't technology great?


  3. If you need a place to sleep while passing through Maryland, you have my number. We have an empty guest room that you are welcome to use. :-)

  4. yeah, come on over and I'll make you dinner.....got some cucumber vodka too, and some fab music on the stereo....

  5. So wish I could be there, but will definitely see you in Asheville in October :):) Will Tobias be on drums ??

  6. Hi Adian! Darek and Tracy just checked out the Ashville date and will see u there! Can not wait!Luv from Tn.

  7. AB! Come hang out in Knoxville for a bit when you head east for Moogfest!

  8. And why are you opening for Coheed and Cambria? They should be opening for you!

  9. Just thought I'd note that you have Eric and Robin Slick's blog linked to the right but not the Slick that is currently in your band!

  10. Can't wait to see you guys tonight!

  11. Does anyone have the complete set list rundown of this Brooklyn Waterfront performance? I was shooting photos and would love to list this in the narrative that's being done. What a great, albeit short, performance. I hope to catch this group in action again.

  12. b3
    writing on the wall
    young lions
    beat box guitar
    a little madness
    three of a perfect pair