Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ned Evett Rides Again!

this past monday we put the final touches on ned's new record
tenatively called treehouse which also happens to be
one of my personal favorites of the 14 songs on the record.

it all worked out beautifully: great songs from ned
and great performances from everyone involved made it
a very pleasant experience, one I hope to repeat in the future.

if I had to catagorize ned's music (which moves from delta blues
to r&b and even, dare I say it, flashes of pop music)
I would call it modern americana in the best sense of the term.
vocally he has a flexible cast of characters which keep
the songwriting variety even more interesting.

what often sounds like blazing slide guitar work is actually
ned's main instrument fretless guitar and he uses it
in various ways from open-tuned chording and finger picking
to out right slamming solo passages.

it's a wonderful record and I can't wait to hear the finished mixes
which will not be done by me and daniel but will be deftly
handled by grammy-winning mixer ryan hewitt (chili peppers, etc.)

check out for future info.
great stuff, ned!

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  1. Quite interested to hear some of this material. I'm not familiar with Ned, but I'm always looking for new tunes to enjoy. if we could just get that newest Craig Rich (a.k.a. - Me) record produced by Adrian Belew... I mean, a guy can dream, can't he?