Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ned Evett's Newest Effort

I love it when reviewers and critics call
a new record an "effort".
some effort, it's more like giving birth to 12 children.

today we are loading in the necessary gear, people,
and caffeine products for my production of ned evett's
next record which will dominate my "efforts"
24/7 for the next few weeks.

ned is a terrific guitarist/singer/songwriter from idaho
who I recently met in milan, italy before he moved
here to nashville. (confused yet?)
ned's trio was opening for some guy named satriani
and the power trio shared the bill as well.

one of many unique things about ned:
he mainly plays fretless guitar, a difficult instrument
few people attempt and one which is near and dear
to my heart (more on this in another installment).

daniel rowland will assume the engineer's seat
for our first true studio "effort" together bringing along
various student assistants from daniel's normal workplace:
the art institute of nashville.

ned's trio will include drummer lynn williams
(actually lives right here in mt. juliet)
and bassist malcolm bruce,
jack bruce's son.
yes, that jack bruce!
I have yet to hear them play but I'm already excited.

for my part I've been studying ned's rather prolific pile
of songs, choosing the material for the record,
and preparing my thoughts on how to ruin,
I mean, produce his shiny new brood.
I'm also looking forward to running
my new studio through its paces.

meanwhile, behind the scenes other things
on the horizon may possibly include a very special
upcoming fall tour with a surprising twist.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Can't wait to hear the "effort"!

  2. What a tease! Can't wait to find out what/when/where the fall tour is all about. Sounds intriguing...

  3. An upcoming our with a surprise? Let me guess...a live duet with Pat Boone or Jim Nabors? Cmon, Ade, spill the beans.

  4. Looking forward to this effort indeed! ;^)

  5. When is the art going up on Store Belew and if limited #d will there be a way to get a set like #6? Best Jim

  6. Adrian,

    so exciting!

    please tell me its one of two things....

    Fripp's up and running?

    or Bowie finally got off the couch?

    tell us one is true...pretty please?

    moist with excitement

    angela in SF (love from my City by the Bay)

  7. Whatever it is, please make a stop somewhere near St. Louis.

  8. Ade, we all know that whatever "IT" is, it's just gonna be fab! Can't wait to hear "it"....

  9. Free of a prefect hair?

  10. cant wait to hear the effort?

  11. There is this:

  12. and this:

  13. This effort is partially funded by a kickstarter campaign and everyone involved would appreciate your backing!

  14. This is going to be awesome.

  15. Just caught the solo video of " Variations on Wave Pressure " is crazy good Ade , I love it !!!!