Sunday, April 27, 2008

the dust has cleared...

this week's download is the last of dust.
if you have been collecting these particles
you should now have
20 pieces in volume 1,
14 pieces in volume 2,
23 pieces in volume 3,
and 16 pieces in volume 4
for a total of 73 new pieces of music!
congratulations and thank you.
I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.

the obvious question is:
will dust come out on CD?
the quick answer is YES, eventually.
right now I cannot afford the time and effort
needed to produce and package dust
but it is something for the future, hopefully later this year.

The Man In The Moon (remix)

the man in the moon (remix)
volume 1 number 16

this FREE download comes from the coming attractions record.
for an interesting explanation of the procedure to make this version
please see the liner notes for coming attractions.

piano: christy bley

bass: clif mayhugh

classical guitar, synthesizer, vocal: adrian

engineered by ken latchney at studiobelew in 1999

original parts for christy and clif

recorded by rich denhart at cwazy wabbit studio in 1979

length: 2:55

Sunday, April 20, 2008


volume 1 number 20

see what happens when I get a new toy.

Roland handsonic drum machine: adrian
engineer: ken latchney

recorded at studiobelew sometime in 2006

length: 2:48

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Two Belews

two belews
volume 1 number 17

the back story: in 1999 we put together a one-man-show.
with 3 positions onstage: electric guitar in the middle,
acoustic guitar mounted on a stand to one side
and dobro mounted on a stand on the other.
it required a bit of rehearsal to coordinate between myself and ken latchney
who would be mixing the show live.

one day my son udo stopped by the studio during rehearsals
to demonstrate his new korg "electribe" drum machine.
he had programmed his first drum pattern.
immediately upon hearing it I knew it was perfect
for an instrumental piece I was hoping to play in the show.
I named it two belews.

this is from a live one-man-show in Philadelphia in June 1999.

drum machine: udo belew

guitar: adrian

recorded live by ken latchney

in June, 1999

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Monkey With A Bow And Drum (demo)

monkey with a bow and drum (demo)
volume 4 number 10

this is how of bow and drum was born.
it was at time when I had no engineer
(noah evens was on his way to us)
so I recorded the idea myself with a drum machine
and a strat played through my trusty foxx tone machine.

guitar, drum machine: adrian
recorded at home by adrian
sometime in 1994
length: 3:03