Sunday, April 27, 2008

the dust has cleared...

this week's download is the last of dust.
if you have been collecting these particles
you should now have
20 pieces in volume 1,
14 pieces in volume 2,
23 pieces in volume 3,
and 16 pieces in volume 4
for a total of 73 new pieces of music!
congratulations and thank you.
I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.

the obvious question is:
will dust come out on CD?
the quick answer is YES, eventually.
right now I cannot afford the time and effort
needed to produce and package dust
but it is something for the future, hopefully later this year.


  1. Volume 1 number 13 (court of the crimson king / the beach goes on) seems to be the same as volume 4 number 11 (the beach goes on / court of the crimson king). So we're left with 19 in volume one or 15 in volume four. It's an awesome collection just the same.

  2. Hi Adrian,
    Haven't posted in a while, but I am so excited about seeing you in Lake Worth at the Bamboo room! My question is regarding KC dates, I am not sure if I can get to NY in August, hopefully you planning other dates to follow, closer to Florida ? Peace
    PS> Thanks for the dust !

  3. Sorry for the confusion, littlewilliam. (and everyone else)

    Please allow me clarify as I too, had to question Dust's completion.

    volume 1 number 13 - in the court of the crimson king.
    volume 4 number 11 - the beach goes on.

    If you purchased the download of "on the beach goes the crimson king", you actually got 2 dust particles for the price of one.

    I also added Volume 1 Number 1 of the Denems performing Nowhere Man. It was a free download at one time and is still available if you missed it.

    Webhamster Rob

  4. Hi Rob. Thanks for clearing that up. My ears are hearing clearer now.

    Thanks so much for all this music Adrian. Knowing how important music is, I know this was a labor of love and dedication. I am very honored to have all of your released music. Thanks again.

  5. Rob, When I downloaded "court of the crimson king / the beach goes on" did it not come as 1 mp3, with the songs just consecutive? I cannot find my "the beach goes on" because I believe it is in the same mp3 as court of the crimson king, are they seperate now?

  6. Hello My Dear Adrian.
    Is there any problem if I upload my tribute to "Level 5"?
    please hear it in my space, I made it with all my respect, if you want that I quit it, I'll do.
    Thank's and have a very vrey nice weekend.


  7. Hey Adrian,

    Peace bro

    Would you, and/or Julie and/or Eric want to come to WCOM to interview and/or play before your show in Carrboro in June?

    Famous Jonny

  8. would Adrian consider advanced orders on Dust to help mitigate the cost? I've held off purchase of the individual tracks as, I want them all and like having the official packaging/booklet that accompanies a CD.

  9. Oh Adrian... it's Monday. Don't think that just because the Dust has cleared that we are not expecting you to blog. :-O

  10. Upcoming Concert Recommendation: Adrian Belew Power Trio at Cat's Cradle 6/5/08

  11. I know there was debate about mp3 vs. flac files a while back and I can say that when I listen on my home stereo to Young Lions (acoustic) Vol. 1 Track 18, it sounds like you are in my living room.

    Still I anticipate your future release of the Dust collection. Too bad it can't be on vinyl.

  12. I don´t understand this blog...I´m from argentina and i´m not too good with the English
    But i like king crimson =)

  13. Hey, Adrian!

    I've been a big fan of yours for years, and I'm SO excited that I'm finally going to get to see you at Stella Blue on the 4th of June. I missed you last year when you came through Asheville because I had just packed up and left for college, and I was thoroughly disappointed.

    Anyway, can't wait!!! I know it's going to be an awesome show!


  14. I strongly second what hormel_torme said. I did not download any dust, instead waiting for the complete set. I'd front 50$ on the set a month in advance to guarantee its production, anybody else?

  15. Hey man,

    We miss you down here in C/U! Always enjoyed swigging back a brew with you at the Esquire lounge and chatting. You really ought to consider a gig in this neck of the woods, you've got lots of fans. Take care and hopefully I can catch a show before all of my hair turns grey!!

  16. I am thrilled that there will be a CD release of all of this interesting material. I look forward to it. Thank you!