Monday, May 26, 2008

Planet e

Planet e is the latest piece of music I've written for the power trio.
I recorded one take, everything you hear was done by one guitar using loops.
I sent it to eric and julie so they could become familiar with it,
and then realized what a special download it would make.
the power trio will be playing Planet e at upcoming shows for the rest of the year.
I hope you'll stop in to check it out.

guitar: adrian
recorded by saul zonana at studiobelew on April 18, 2008
length: 6:10


  1. Awesome! Double good news; new blog entry and Planet e becomes available.

  2. AB,

    The performance last night was unfuc-ing believable. You all just keep evolving and I love the new directions. We were all riveted.
    Thanks for taking time out to respond to me and my posse. Juliet was thrilled that she got to ask you the question about "Incompetence and Indifference." I am grateful for the promo and the opportunity to talk. I am going to do another Adrian Belew xmas and will edit in your responses from yesterday.

    Famous Jonny Mambo, Renee, and Juliet

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  4. Hey Adrian, I'm really excited about the August 3rd King Crimson show in Nashville! My friend Michael McGill is turning 22 on the same day and he's going to be at the show too, so I was just wondering if maybe you could give him a birthday shout out. I know he would be completely blown away by that and he would just love it coming from you guys. So if you see this and happen to remember, that would be greatly appreciated. I can't wait!

    -Max Greene

  5. To: Adrian Belew and Honorable Friends

    From: Famous Jonny Mambo

    What?: See if you can spot the Adrian Belew reference in amusing video "Famous Jonny Mambo & His Monkey"

    Love and Kisses,

    Famous Jonny M.