Tuesday, May 22, 2012

personal appearances

remember when that was what concerts were called.
unfortunately, I do.

for the last few months I've been obviously absent
from my blogdom duties, only because I've been working
so hard on new music.
my days have been filled with creativity in my favorite sphere,
my recording studio.
daniel and I have recorded an impressive amount
of new solo material meant to tickle your ears
hopefully sometime this year.
we're certainly far from finished
and I'm very happy with the results
but now it's time to switch gears into
personal appearance mode.
i.e. touring.

for the next 3 months my time will mostly be devoted to shows
which involve a new entity called crimson projekct,
named and approved of by our dearest robert.
in case you missed last year's touring model
it went something like this:
stickmen trio (tony levin, pat mastelotto, and markus rueter)
play a 45-minute set,
then adrian belew power trio play a 45-minute set,
the tony, pat, and yours truly play 3 songs as a trio,
and finally both trios unite in a blazing set of krimson
double trio material and other past krimgems.
that last bit is crimson projekct
it's a powerhouse personal appearance.

tomorrow we begin by flying to russia to do 4 shows.
we'll be there for one week.
then it's do svidanya to our wonderful russian fans.
then we have 2.5 weeks off before we join up
with dream theatre as their opener
during which we'll be playing the crimson projekct
set only (no stickmen or power trio, wah!...)
around these great united states.
this takes up most of june and july.

then comes the icing on the cake,
our now-annual band camp at full moon resort
in late august which will include all 6 of us.
it's a blast! I hope you can make it.
it all ends in a glorious night of music-making
at the woodstock theatre in woodstock, new york.

then it's back to the studio for me. YAHOOO!