Tuesday, May 22, 2012

personal appearances

remember when that was what concerts were called.
unfortunately, I do.

for the last few months I've been obviously absent
from my blogdom duties, only because I've been working
so hard on new music.
my days have been filled with creativity in my favorite sphere,
my recording studio.
daniel and I have recorded an impressive amount
of new solo material meant to tickle your ears
hopefully sometime this year.
we're certainly far from finished
and I'm very happy with the results
but now it's time to switch gears into
personal appearance mode.
i.e. touring.

for the next 3 months my time will mostly be devoted to shows
which involve a new entity called crimson projekct,
named and approved of by our dearest robert.
in case you missed last year's touring model
it went something like this:
stickmen trio (tony levin, pat mastelotto, and markus rueter)
play a 45-minute set,
then adrian belew power trio play a 45-minute set,
the tony, pat, and yours truly play 3 songs as a trio,
and finally both trios unite in a blazing set of krimson
double trio material and other past krimgems.
that last bit is crimson projekct
it's a powerhouse personal appearance.

tomorrow we begin by flying to russia to do 4 shows.
we'll be there for one week.
then it's do svidanya to our wonderful russian fans.
then we have 2.5 weeks off before we join up
with dream theatre as their opener
during which we'll be playing the crimson projekct
set only (no stickmen or power trio, wah!...)
around these great united states.
this takes up most of june and july.

then comes the icing on the cake,
our now-annual band camp at full moon resort
in late august which will include all 6 of us.
it's a blast! I hope you can make it.
it all ends in a glorious night of music-making
at the woodstock theatre in woodstock, new york.

then it's back to the studio for me. YAHOOO!


  1. Adrian, will Crimson Projekct be recording any live material during these "personal appearances"? Hope so! Pretty please...

  2. Got my tix for Cleveland Nautica! Can't Wait!!!

  3. I'm glad to hear that you are having fun!

    Is there any chance you will be bringing any of your umpteen projects (or projeckts) to Australia for "personal appearances" this year?

  4. Adrian, I'll be at the PNC Arts center for the show. Don't know any Dream Theater, but can't miss the ProjeKCt. How long will your set be?

  5. Opening for Dream Theater? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

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  7. I'll be at the Chester, PA show. I grew up in Philly, so this will be a good chance to visit home and fit a couple concerts in.

    Will you be doing an autograph signing after your set?


  8. Was hoping for an Indianapolis show ... hopefully next time. Any recording of the shows planned this time? Would love to hear a show and thought a DVD of the last tour would have been a sure hit.

    Best of luck in the travels!

  9. Glad to hear that new music is blooming! Can't wait to hear it!

    Wish I could make some of the US dates but no Pacific NW.

  10. Managed to get first row in Kansas City. Not into Dream Theater, just catching the you guys.

  11. Man, that didn't come out too well...

  12. great news.
    Are not plan to pass through italy? or cd/dvd of stickmen & power trio concerts?

    pierluca from milan

  13. Hellloo. 'adrian' -why isnt your wonderful synaptic pastiche of delicious strings of repose and chaos available on itunes in their intirety mr.belew? take care. MG

  14. Adrian, when are you going to come to Europe?

  15. crimson projecKt rocked in Cleveland last night!!!


  17. Enjoyed the Chicago show on Saturday -- even stayed to watch Dream Theater.

    Your on-stage comment was spot on: they do play fast.

  18. Glad to hear about you recording new music. I really hope you have some great songs cause you are one of my favourite songwriters. I just don't like albums that are only "noodling" (as "e" was). Also don't overuse the compressor in mastering too much, cause I can't stand all those brickwalled releases these days. Keep it dynamic :) I remember a great show you put on in Switzerland 2 years ago and you really impressed some of my friends!

  19. http://biggeekdad.com/2010/11/guitar-birds/

    made me think of you :)


  20. Saw the Austin and Houston shows. So nice of all the band to meet and greet after the houston show though they were clearly tired. Real thrill for my family.

  21. Safe Travels , and may all your shows go off with out a hitch .

  22. Saw you guys last night in NYC!!! Amazing as usual!! My ears are STILL ringing! wo-HOOO!!

  23. "Safe Travels, and may all your shows go off with out a hitch"

    Sure, that's splendid until you pull up to the venue and then someone gets out and is like, "Oh my God, you guys, where's the U-Haul trailer!?"

    Note: This isn't funny unless you've toured.

  24. Adrian - this is totally off-topic. I just saw a clip of you on YouTube doing Heartbeat live. Maybe around 1989? Comments say that it was on the David Sanborn show? Very cool performance. Who was the drummer and keyboardist? (no bassist, apparently)


  25. Please come back to Argentina. Please come back to Argentina. Please come back to Argentina. Please.

  26. And you would be most welcome anytime back in London dear boy.
    Well, when I say boy...
    I hope you've been having a good time with gigs and recording, can't wait to hear some.

  27. Are you pakcing for camp thraking, Ade?

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