Friday, September 16, 2011

my latest adventure...

the ellnora guitar festival
was just as perfect as the 3 0f a perfect band camp.
I'm on a roll! with sesame seeds!

the showing of e for orchestra was not well-attended
but it didn't matter, those of us who were there were thrilled
to see and hear it on the big screen where it belongs
and that included the ol' gang of friends from when I lived
in champaign-urbana. (della, deb, mike getz)

daniel went with me and we agreed every night
was a tasty dinner/party with sparkling conversation.
we were treated so well by everyone.

the keynote address was cool. I launched into it
like a presidential candidate and I really enjoyed it.
I spoke about the electric guitar, it's history,
my involvement with it, and the life it has given me.
it was held in the great hall, a gorgeous space
where the chicago symphony orchestra sometimes play.
so nice were the acoustics I didn't even need a microphone.

on our fourth night there came the big event:
the painting with guitar one-man show.
it was held outside in the amphitheatre.
it was a stunning evening with beautiful clouds slowly
passing by a large shinny near-full moon.
and even more perfect, it was jam-packed.
after the show I met up with many of my former
neighbors outside my dressing room, a special treat as well.

and then came a moment I've waited for a long time.
my tai chi teacher grandmaster song was at the performance.
it was so wonderful to see him again. I miss him.
I decided then and there to begin practicing tai chi again.

afterwards daniel and I were off to a happy night of free drinks
at the famous esquire lounge, former hang of the bears.
the esquire is right across the street from my old rehearsal
space where we recorded twang bar king
and many rehearsals with krimson
and writing sessions with the bears.
all in all, a very special week.

thanks again to mr. spelman.
and to everyone at ellnora guitar fest.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

next?...Ellnora Guitar Festival

I have fond memories of the krannert art center
in champaign-urbana from the few years I lived nearby.
with the krannert as the focal point this will truly be
more "arts festival" than "shredfest" I'm happy to say
and with artists like bill frisell, richard thompson,
daniel lanois, robert randolph, and taj mahal
the variety of musical approaches will highlight
the expressive abilities of that most versatile partner:
the guitar.

on wednesday evening, sept. 7th at 9:00
I will debut a showing of the new dvd e for orchestra
at the art cinema and answer questions afterwards.
at 3:00 on friday, sept. 9th I'll give the keynote address.
(sheesh, I'm already starting to sweat...)
on saturday evening at 8:30 I'll play the one-man show
painting with guitar which is completely different
than the show we'll be touring around the U.S.
and Canada beginning 9 days later on sept. 19.

I hope to catch some of the amazing artists performing
and hope to see some familiar faces in the audience as well.
I'd like to thank david spellman for asking me to be involved
in what I'm sure will be a very special event.