Sunday, September 4, 2011

next?...Ellnora Guitar Festival

I have fond memories of the krannert art center
in champaign-urbana from the few years I lived nearby.
with the krannert as the focal point this will truly be
more "arts festival" than "shredfest" I'm happy to say
and with artists like bill frisell, richard thompson,
daniel lanois, robert randolph, and taj mahal
the variety of musical approaches will highlight
the expressive abilities of that most versatile partner:
the guitar.

on wednesday evening, sept. 7th at 9:00
I will debut a showing of the new dvd e for orchestra
at the art cinema and answer questions afterwards.
at 3:00 on friday, sept. 9th I'll give the keynote address.
(sheesh, I'm already starting to sweat...)
on saturday evening at 8:30 I'll play the one-man show
painting with guitar which is completely different
than the show we'll be touring around the U.S.
and Canada beginning 9 days later on sept. 19.

I hope to catch some of the amazing artists performing
and hope to see some familiar faces in the audience as well.
I'd like to thank david spellman for asking me to be involved
in what I'm sure will be a very special event.


  1. Hey everyone, does anyone know the contact of the customer service for the Storebelew? I had a little problem in the delivery of my e for orchestra DVD.

  2. I may attend as I live in Bloomington, up I-74. Haven't seen you live since the Bears last toured...and Rob Fedders kissed me..twice.

  3. Are you "Painting" between your trio tour?

    ... waiting (hoping) for you to stretch that into NE OH!!

  4. We really enjoyed "e" at the Art Theater tonight, Adrian. Such a dynamic piece -- I couldn't believe 45 minutes had already gone by when it ended! We're listening to the power trio version now. Fascinating to hear them back to back.

  5. Just got the e for orchestra studio release. Played it for my metal loving son who thought it was "even better than the original." Great stuff, Ade! Well done indeed. (I love it, too.)


  6. Great keynote address, Adrian! Looking forward to Painting for Guitar tomorrow night.

    --Chris DeVito

  7. And hey -- if you like smoked food, make sure to visit the Black Dog Smoke & Ale House in downtown Urbana -- you will NOT be disappointed. (I have no affiliation with the Dog, other than being a frequent customer.)

    --Chris DeVito

  8. Adrian

    I heard your talk at Krannert during the 2011 Guitar Festival.

    One question: should we call you Dr. Belew or simply Sir Belew?

  9. Adrian -

    You were soliciting questions during your set at Ellnora and I had a question but wasn't able to articulate it clearly to myself until after you had moved on so I figured I'd ask it here to see if I can get a response, so here goes:

    You are known for creating sounds with your guitar that one doesn't typically associate with the instrument. These days, you have access to sophisticated and expensive equipment that helps to produce this sound but at some point when you were just starting out I'm sure you had to creatively find ways to work with a much more modest set of equipment. What equipment would you recommend to the cash-strapped guitarist who is trying to find new tonalities to explore in creating a unique sound? How should one get started down your path?

    Just curious - and thanks for the music.


  10. Hi Adrian, We are both still smiling from ear to ear from the wonderful time we had at the 3PP camp in New York. From the spectacular location, outstanding food and service to the countless hours of music and stories, it was so much more than we expected. Most of all, the warmth and openness of you, Tony, and Pat to campers and our endless questions, was more than anyone ever expected. I have no doubt you guys enjoyed yourselves almost as much as we did and that made it a magical time for all campers.

    And, if that wasn't enough, we were lucky to be able to attend your Painting with Guitar show at Ellnora. Thank you for taking the time to welcome your loyal campers to the show. The show was fantastic, as always, and was wonderful to hear your new music~under a full moon, no less. (Also great to see the Swopper in action again!) Thanks again for your gracious invitation for drinks with you and your friends. It was a great end to a great evening!

    Thanks again! We look forward to seeing you all again in Chicago. Good luck with the tour~

    Steve & Dawn

  11. Adrian,

    Great to see you play on Saturday. Unfortunately, Roy and I were only able to get to the festival that day, so we missed your speech. Has there been a recording made of it (or could you post the text here)? Thanks!

    I was impressed with the whole event. We saw a couple of acts that day, including Calexico and Noveller. Nice facility, good sound, good audiences, well organized festival. We got to walk around the college after finding a place for dinner. I might go back next time even if no one I know is playing.

    I've been to Champaign-Urbana three times, and each time has been to see you perform. Always had a good time.


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