Friday, September 16, 2011

my latest adventure...

the ellnora guitar festival
was just as perfect as the 3 0f a perfect band camp.
I'm on a roll! with sesame seeds!

the showing of e for orchestra was not well-attended
but it didn't matter, those of us who were there were thrilled
to see and hear it on the big screen where it belongs
and that included the ol' gang of friends from when I lived
in champaign-urbana. (della, deb, mike getz)

daniel went with me and we agreed every night
was a tasty dinner/party with sparkling conversation.
we were treated so well by everyone.

the keynote address was cool. I launched into it
like a presidential candidate and I really enjoyed it.
I spoke about the electric guitar, it's history,
my involvement with it, and the life it has given me.
it was held in the great hall, a gorgeous space
where the chicago symphony orchestra sometimes play.
so nice were the acoustics I didn't even need a microphone.

on our fourth night there came the big event:
the painting with guitar one-man show.
it was held outside in the amphitheatre.
it was a stunning evening with beautiful clouds slowly
passing by a large shinny near-full moon.
and even more perfect, it was jam-packed.
after the show I met up with many of my former
neighbors outside my dressing room, a special treat as well.

and then came a moment I've waited for a long time.
my tai chi teacher grandmaster song was at the performance.
it was so wonderful to see him again. I miss him.
I decided then and there to begin practicing tai chi again.

afterwards daniel and I were off to a happy night of free drinks
at the famous esquire lounge, former hang of the bears.
the esquire is right across the street from my old rehearsal
space where we recorded twang bar king
and many rehearsals with krimson
and writing sessions with the bears.
all in all, a very special week.

thanks again to mr. spelman.
and to everyone at ellnora guitar fest.


  1. As you said Dear Adrian “ the showing of e for orchestra was not well-attended
    but it didn't matter, those of us who were there were thrilled to see and hear it on the big screen where it belongs” - I say sometimes things that are popular are not of good quality and sometimes things that are of good quality are not popular” - that being said I and my wife Carolyn have enjoyed your life’s stream for many years and from Zappa, TH, solo Belew, KC , The Bears, Psycho dots, Bowie, to the Power trio we are so blessed to have been there with you. I who have been playing that piece of wood with strings now for 37 yrs learn and feel so energized when I see you - Carolyn and I both agree that it’s a shot of Vitamin B that gives US love and we thank you with all the vibes the Cronin’s can give. We shall attend the TWO OF A PERFECT TRIO TOUR in Chicago on October 8th @ the Old town School of music - a charming theater = our 23rd anniversary- she does not know we are going - I look forward to your energy - Paul

  2. Just saw the keynote address on You Tube Adrian..GREAT JOB !!!Very entertaining and informative. I loved the story about when you first heard an electric guitar :)
    Tai Chi is very cool..have you tried Yoga ? I know a great teacher :):)
    Good luck on tour..see you in Asheville !

  3. Skipped out on work early to see your keynote address, and enjoyed it thoroughly! Enjoyed Richard Thompson immensely even though it made me late to your "Painting" show (arrived as you finished "Three of a Perfect Pair." I've been enjoying your music since I was an impressionable young lad who first heard "Discipline" playing in a record store. It was an honor to finally hear you play (and speak). Hope to get many more opportunities.

  4. Adrian, it was really nice to meet you at the screening and the address and 'Painting...' sets were great too. I sat behind you when you were watching that 3D TV things, and you had mentioned wanting to incorporate visual creation with musical improvisations. This put me in mind of the great jazz saxophonist Anthony Braxton, and some of his more recent projects. He uses a program called SuperCollider with one of his ensembles, which as I understand it is a computer program that improvises with the musician(s) in real time based on some complicated algorithms. Perhaps tying this program to some pre-recorded music patches, or images, would be something like what you were describing. I couldn't help but think that you and Braxton could probably have a very enlightening conversation as you are both truly innovators on your respective instruments. Glad you are inspired to take up tai-chi again as well-I have often considered approaching a troupe to perform soundscapes for their practice.
    Keep up the great work and be well! :)

  5. OT , your cover of "me and my arrow" is REALLY good . we were listening to Harry in the car and my wife brought that up . that was one of those songs were i couldn't believe my ears when i first heard it . what a great album , and your cover is just a tad bit better than the original ! it takes a lot of guts to cover a Nillsson tune , yours stands as the best on that album , by far !
    that was a special treat for me , Harrys music holds a very special place in my heart . thanks for doing that , you just nailed it . Pt2 .

  6. Whooooo! me and my two kids just got back from the Two of a Perfect Trio concert in Northampton, MA on October 1. It was totally awesome. Since I don't see set lists show up here much, I thought I might post one...

    Stick Men: Vroom,Vroom (KC)...Soup...Slow Glide...Breathless (Fripp)...Relentless...Firebird Suite (Stravinsky, arr. Stick men)

    ABPT: Young Lions...Beat Box Guitar (with a section from E I think)...Neurotica (KC)...A Little Madness...Of Bow and Drum... E (the section, not the whole thing)

    Everybody (who came out bit by bit, the three Krim alums first then others...)'Boom/Thrak...Dinosaur...One Time..Frame by Frame...INdiscipline...Thela Hun Jingeet

    Truly wonderful...I wish I could have stayed later and bought the band drinks...


  7. i didnt want to babble too much after the show , but i also wanted to say how much i enjoyed the performances . it seemed very easy going , and humorous , but the musicianship blew me away . i was moved during dinosaur and again in one time . Julie has gotten even better since the last time i saw her , how is that possible ? your new drummer , well at first i was skeptical , but i really loved the different things he added , where do you find all these fantastic drummers ? . Tony and Pat what can i say , except it was a treat and i am really impressed with Pat's ability . i never enjoyed those KC songs as much as i did that evening . what a thrill , and i am so happy that you were able to do this tour . seeing Tony's band was such a special bonus , what a great show ! p.s. that thing is called a "slide synth" , have fun ! Pt2 .

  8. COME BACK TO TORONTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i love that tune...the one that goes deh do don dah deh do don dah deh do don dah deh do don dah deh do don dah de de de da d de de don dah de de da d de de dah don deh don da

  10. i dunno whats wrong with bob..., wills has got so bored waiting hes 'retired'. I'm sure tony would be up for it. we want crim.

  11. GREAT show in Boulder, CO. You are exuding joy again. It was good to see you here in Boulder again. I hope you are feeling the love from all of us.

  12. i missed you at Southgate. Really meant to come see you. I need a word or two with you. Cliff Adams Jr.

  13. email is, or Facebook (

  14. Florida dates? If not this year come back in '12 with Zappa plays Zappa. That would be fun to see!

  15. Getting geared up for your Galaxy show Sat. It is a great venue !! Have fun and just create for us !!

  16. Hey Doris,
    You never fail to impress us,We were lucky to see you more than once on the tour.Those golden tickets from the 3pp camps pay for themselves. We will be at your future of guitar lecture on Sunday,do you have space for a fretless Parker in your van, pleeeese!
    Steve and Dawn

  17. Finally getting to write and tell you how much we enjoyed the show at Moogfest. The double trio was amazing and you all seemed to be having a blast. It was the first time seeing Markus Reuter live, and I am hooked !!!
    Thanks Ade,looking forward to the new tunes, and more shows. Hope you liked your special Halloween candy :) xo

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