Thursday, December 23, 2010

to those of you

who wished me a "happy birthday"
thank you very much.
and to those of you who didn't mention it...
thanks even more.

happy holidays!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

hey there! remember me?

just back from our Great Bread and Cheese Tour of Europe 2010.
wow! great fun great shows great audiences
great food drinks and conversation and I even lost 7 pounds.
thanks to all of you who came along to witness
the sweat and happiness.

and thanks to our team:
julie, marco, john sinks,
tobias ralph, and our driver/merch man felix brinkschulte
(affectionately known as felix christ
due to his resemblance to a certain Christmas figure)

so many new memories and terrific performances.

also thanks to Thomas Olsson and everyone at IB Expo 2010
for making our last week in sweden and the final show
including Isildurs Bane, Midaircondo, Christian Saggese,
Luca Calabrese, and Michala Ostergaard-Neilsen
such a sensational finale.
all wonderful people and excellent players
combining for a 3.5 hour musical extravaganza that was stunning.
imagine all 12 of us playing e and thela hun ginjeet! yow!

and you should have heard "drive"
played by yours truly and midaircondo.

meanwhile during my six-week absence daniel rowland
worked overtime to rebuild StudioBelew
into a state-of-the-art desktop studio
replete with new computer, software, metric halo, etc.

so what's next?
brand new music to be recorded! what else?
can't wait to throw down all these burning ideas
that have been rolling round my brain since way back
in the "painting with guitar" tour days.
this will be my first chance to realize them.

and of course I will always have my eyes, ears, and fingers
working tirelessly towards the big date: feb. 27th, 2011
the world debut of the orchestral e.

a lot to be thankful for this Christmas.
happy hollandaise everyone!