Wednesday, December 1, 2010

hey there! remember me?

just back from our Great Bread and Cheese Tour of Europe 2010.
wow! great fun great shows great audiences
great food drinks and conversation and I even lost 7 pounds.
thanks to all of you who came along to witness
the sweat and happiness.

and thanks to our team:
julie, marco, john sinks,
tobias ralph, and our driver/merch man felix brinkschulte
(affectionately known as felix christ
due to his resemblance to a certain Christmas figure)

so many new memories and terrific performances.

also thanks to Thomas Olsson and everyone at IB Expo 2010
for making our last week in sweden and the final show
including Isildurs Bane, Midaircondo, Christian Saggese,
Luca Calabrese, and Michala Ostergaard-Neilsen
such a sensational finale.
all wonderful people and excellent players
combining for a 3.5 hour musical extravaganza that was stunning.
imagine all 12 of us playing e and thela hun ginjeet! yow!

and you should have heard "drive"
played by yours truly and midaircondo.

meanwhile during my six-week absence daniel rowland
worked overtime to rebuild StudioBelew
into a state-of-the-art desktop studio
replete with new computer, software, metric halo, etc.

so what's next?
brand new music to be recorded! what else?
can't wait to throw down all these burning ideas
that have been rolling round my brain since way back
in the "painting with guitar" tour days.
this will be my first chance to realize them.

and of course I will always have my eyes, ears, and fingers
working tirelessly towards the big date: feb. 27th, 2011
the world debut of the orchestral e.

a lot to be thankful for this Christmas.
happy hollandaise everyone!


  1. Welcome back. Sounds like an epic adventure. Happy Hanukkah... even if you're not a member of the tribe.

  2. Fear Is Never Boring

  3. How about a short leg in Australia mate? Don't forget the Aussies...we wanna see the ABPTv3 as well..

  4. have been to the last german date in Erfurt.
    What a treat: ABPT in a tiny historic cellar, playing for some 150 people - a great evening -
    you can't get closer to the source of some fantastic music made by wonderful musicians !
    Thank you for coming.

  5. yes, happy hollandaise and all the best in the new beer to you atrium.

  6. so I wonder... how come you never came to Croatia, Europe? On this tour you've been in few places in italy, even slovakia and czech republic :/

    is it because there is no interest for your touring here or noone contact you from Zagreb (Croatia)?

  7. to anonymous:
    no offers.
    we'd be happy to play there.


  8. Yep, one does get more than a little weary of bread and cheese (not to mention the glut of pressed ham) when touring in Europe.

  9. Very moving in Berlin! Thank you so much.

  10. Welcome Back Ade,
    I'm always checking in on you!..

  11. Adrian: Just experienced "Drive" performed in Bratislava live Nov ~ 17 on YouTube. Looks like you're getting used to that Signature Parker Fly!!! Looking forward to new music...

  12. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!SWEETIE. =P LOTS OF LOVE!


  14. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ^ lmfaoooooooo

    i think i can honestly say that im one of the only teenage future musicians in the world that can say i'd give my left arm to work with belew

  16. thank you Adrian, Bratislava

  17. Happy to hear ur back safe Adrian. I'd love to see Marco with ya next time ur in Philly. He was a great fit w Paul Gilbert and I'm sure you and him share some great moments on stage.

  18. Hey Adrian,
    We can never forget YOU !! So glad to hear the tour went so well. Looking forward to some US dates in the spring ??? I watched the Mindmeld webcast last night with Marco and Jordan Rudess. Kept thinking it would be perfect with you on guitar...any chance you would do something like that ??
    Have a beautiful day :)

  19. to yogini67:
    in fact, they did ask me to join them
    but I had previous plans.
    maybe another time?


  20. Adrian,

    Paradiso website still isn't showing tickets for the February 27th show - in fact it's showing 3 shows for that day, none of them yours! Was there a venue change that I missed?

  21. Ah, ignore that previous message - after a little more thorough searching, it seems ticket sales start on Christmas Day.

  22. Happy Bday to Frank!

  23. Listening to "Overnight Sensation"....No one can ever take his place. Thanks for reminding us :)

  24. Yeah, 70 years, rememberance candlelight...

    Yesterday I realized that Captain Beefheart died on 17th of December :(

  25. On a lighter early Happy Birthday to my favorite musician in the world !!! Wishing you THE BEST of everything as you begin a new year of your and light to you Adrian.

    Merry Everything !!!!!

  26. happy birthday, a day early !

    have a great year , old slink .

  27. Happy Birthday Adrian!! Hope to see you in Pittsburgh this coming year!

  28. Happy Birthday Ade, hope to continue enjoying your talent and human value for many years. Today is also my birthday (40), so it is special day for me and my family (my wife and two young daughters). A good day for both.

    Alejandro, La Serena, Chile

  29. Happy Birthday Adrian. Hope to see you in 2011. Keep playing, keep happy.

  30. Happy Belated! So much juicy stuff happening! Very excited for Neu Belew 2011!