Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day 2008

though I abhor war
I respect and applaud all those who have
fought to protect our freedoms.
many thanks to our veterans and their families.

"all gave some,
some gave all."


  1. Thank you so much for the words of thanks. It really means a lot to us vets.
    I have been to Iraq and seen the devistation of this "war". It is a very unforgiven place. I've seen and heard things that I never want to experience again in my lifetime.
    I just wanted to thank you for all the great music you have made over the years (Salad Days and Inner Revolution helped me out quite a bit over there) and for the words of thanks. Take it easy and hope to see you soon in the Beantown area.
    -SGT Chuck Losey

  2. and a week later, Bo Diddley passed away. RIP Bo.

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  4. hi adrian, did you know that about your music being played in iraq?

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  6. Neither believe that I came here to stop. King Crimson is for me, the biggest-ever banda. Thank you for everything.

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  8. a,
    thanks, as always for your thoughtful words. right now i'm feeling pretty pissed. i've just learned that ted nugent is selling his stuffed animal trophies, and one of them is a RHINO! what an idiot. i know that you have written some powerful anti gun, anti hunting songs, but do you think you have one more in you? something like "hey mr self absorbed rock star, it was a lot prettier in the savanah than on your wall, wasn't it." thanks for letting me rant. god, i really dislike mr nugent.

  9. Hi Adrian, I just moved to Jacksonville from NY in Feb and missed your show at BB King. I know you played in Jax before and hope you do come back with all ya'll the Power Trio :) ... My boys (13,15) love your style of playing. They are very talented players as well and it'd be great to see you live again. take care lou luca

  10. hey adrian, how's the tour going? how are the europeans treating you? will you be posting again soon? we miss you here. thanks, mark

  11. Adrian,

    It would be great if you could post a blog entry sharing your thoughts on the recent Crimson tour.

    What was it like? What was new about this group? What were the challenges? Rewards?

    Best of luck with the upcoming trio tour,