Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Man In The Moon (remix)

the man in the moon (remix)
volume 1 number 16

this FREE download comes from the coming attractions record.
for an interesting explanation of the procedure to make this version
please see the liner notes for coming attractions.

piano: christy bley

bass: clif mayhugh

classical guitar, synthesizer, vocal: adrian

engineered by ken latchney at studiobelew in 1999

original parts for christy and clif

recorded by rich denhart at cwazy wabbit studio in 1979

length: 2:55


  1. Hey Adrian,

    Peace bro

    Would you, and/or Julie and/or Eric want to come to WCOM to interview and/or play before your show in Carrboro in June?

    Famous Jonny

  2. Fantastic demo that surpasses the Lone Rhino version, for me. The song "breathes" so much more and the atmospheric guitar is just mesmerizing.


  3. The man in the moon is a wonderful remix. I really enjoy listening to the sounds of the piano, bass and classical guitar all together! I recommend it!

  4. the cover of this CD is awesome, by the way if you looking carefully this image you can see another image, yes I know this sound like a total paranoic, but it's true, there a second circle in the middle of the picture.