Sunday, April 6, 2008

Monkey With A Bow And Drum (demo)

monkey with a bow and drum (demo)
volume 4 number 10

this is how of bow and drum was born.
it was at time when I had no engineer
(noah evens was on his way to us)
so I recorded the idea myself with a drum machine
and a strat played through my trusty foxx tone machine.

guitar, drum machine: adrian
recorded at home by adrian
sometime in 1994
length: 3:03


  1. It completely makes sense that this piece was born out of the drum. And just to add, I love Eric's intro to this on the live action set. I think I can speak for most fans... WE LOVE IT.

  2. I gotta second tickledrop. Eric blew my mind, and though I'll miss The Trio this year, I will be in Chicago in August. Yeehah!

    By the way, am I loopy or does this not conclude the Dust releases?

  3. Adrian says: "there are more on the way". We still have some gaps to fill on volume one.

  4. To the Rhino King! Tickledrop <<< says "keep 'em comin'!"

    Hey Davidly. Did you see the new tour dates? Don't say NO to a Trio show yet!

    Hi Rob! ;-P

  5. Thanx Rob 'n' Ade, I missed those gaps.

    And TICKLE me till I DROP, but I live in Berlin and won't be back visiting until July. Goings-on there limit me to a craKCin' show in my old stompin' grounds in Chi-town...
    ...for which I am indeedly, gratefully thrilled!

    I'm also grateful to've seen THE Trio in 'nap town their first year, and lemme tell ya: When I think about that show, my wow-center still woos!

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