Sunday, April 13, 2008

Two Belews

two belews
volume 1 number 17

the back story: in 1999 we put together a one-man-show.
with 3 positions onstage: electric guitar in the middle,
acoustic guitar mounted on a stand to one side
and dobro mounted on a stand on the other.
it required a bit of rehearsal to coordinate between myself and ken latchney
who would be mixing the show live.

one day my son udo stopped by the studio during rehearsals
to demonstrate his new korg "electribe" drum machine.
he had programmed his first drum pattern.
immediately upon hearing it I knew it was perfect
for an instrumental piece I was hoping to play in the show.
I named it two belews.

this is from a live one-man-show in Philadelphia in June 1999.

drum machine: udo belew

guitar: adrian

recorded live by ken latchney

in June, 1999


  1. well----what a place---to perform--said song----little would udo/adrian--be able to pre-dict-
    that a little later in life---
    some two young "philly" musicians--
    would be-----ummmm----well-in 1999
    they were playing "zappa"--if i remember november of that year---
    well time has "flown"--gary

  2. With the little familiarity I have of Udo's talent, I found it interesting when he told me that he doesn't consider himself a musician.

    Hi Udo!

  3. I think Ken's taste was influencing your music around then. Parts of this sound very Residentesque. I like it.

  4. Oh cool. I was at this show. It was at the New Market Cabaret on 2nd Street. After the show, my friend Zoey and I were in the autograph line. Just before it was our turn to meet you, you got up and got a guitar. It seemed that you had forgotten to play Three of a Perfect Pair during your set, and you played it for the people still hanging out. Right in front of us. It's one of my favorite concert moments.


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  6. That's awesome!! And the Philly vortex town with Eric Slick and Josh off from "delicious" tour...we enjoyed a few hours at the Phila Art Museum's FRIDA KAHLO exhibit....where we saw the piece...."Two Fridas" !!

  7. so the title two belews---
    may in the future---
    be---two belews-two slicks-
    special sauce on a sesame seed bun
    haaaaaaaaaaaaa-----take that ronald--------sorry--i meant to say
    something about two slicks in my earlier blurb---------love ya all-