Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the beautiful people...

over the weekend I wrote the foreword to a new book
called rock guitar to be published by the italian
publisher white star. they make high-quality large
format coffee table-type books. I have one of their
car books simply called american cars.
rock guitar promises to be a very nice book with a
variety of guitarists including your faithful author.

meanwhile studiobelew was undergoing a major
facelift at the hands of saul zonana and a cadre
of audio students in anticipation of the recording of

last night the power duo of eric and julie arrived
just in time for a delicious mexican meal.
then we celebrated the joy of starting our first
new record together with a crazed impromptu
photo session. (see above photo by eric)

this morning and every morning for the next
six days we'll be hard at work in the studio.
next monday we'll fly to ft. wayne for the parker
presentation on tuesday.

then saul and I will proceed to polish e
to a fine and delicate luster.

wish us luck!


  1. "e"--------xactly-----what i need to hear---
    and can't wait----to hear how it turns out---
    as far as beautiful people-----
    yeah--all three of ya are----work hard----
    we're waiting-----love you all------gary slick

  2. Wonderful!!! Oh, to be a fly on that wall (which now makes me think of another wonderful belewish tune...)

  3. Hi Adrian,

    Hope you have lots of fun recording. Can't wait to hear what comes out of that time.

    Please come back to Australia soon. Your gig at the Heritage Hotel in Bulli with Julie and Eric was so much fun. I went home with my face hurting from smiling.

    Happy playing Adrian. All the best to Eric and Julie.

    Kind Regards,

    Gordon Dugan

  4. Ohhhh: I see an album cover there.

  5. Bon chance Adrian !
    Your creative energies seem to be flowing freely.You( being born in the year of the earth ox in Chinese astrology ) and 2009 being the year of the earth ox, should notice the alignment in all your successful endeavors.
    Can't wait to hear/read/see them all, especially "e". Hoping for a summer tour????
    Peace and love

  6. With absoltely no relevance to this blog entry, I was watching the 1980 Talking Heads concert in Rome this morning on my computer, and then felt compelled to listen to the whole "The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads" album.

    As much as I love Talking Heads and the talented people in it, what I love about the Remain In Light era was the contributions of one Adrian Belew.

    Thank you very much for the joy you bring to music.

  7. good luck adrian!
    adrian belew stamps his own personal mark (and name!) on uncharted prog territory!
    now *that's* beautiful!

  8. Why I'd kiss those faces anywhere!

  9. Best of luck , Adrian. Can't wait to see you in Schaumburg.

  10. Bring the tour to Houston... Please?

  11. Adrian, Julie, and Eric -

    Thanks for coming to Fort Wayne last evening to play yer stuff. Can't beat a 90-minute concert for free. As I said, while you were signing autographs, the small (250 seat) theater made it seem like I was watching you play in my living room. You guys (and gal) rock!!!

    Best of luck with the new album!

  12. Can't wait for e. You have us brought so much fun, interesting, smart music over the years, I know it will be fantastic! Thanks!