Monday, February 2, 2009

It's here!

the adrian belew signature edition parker fly is at last a reality!
parker is producing them as we speak (except we're not really speaking)
now anyone who wants to take out a second mortgage
can play the same exact guitar I play. it's such a beauty!
the ferrari of electric guitars!
the ad pictured above is from the new 2009 parker catalog.

to officially celebrate the release we are having a presentation
at sweetwater sound in ft. wayne, indiana on february the 17th.
sweetwater sound is no doubt the largest purveyor of
high-end gear of all types. perfect for the parker.
in the morning there is a 7:30 presentation and concert
for sweetwater's staff of 140 sales people.
in the afternoon I'll be hanging around the store making
myself available for chit chat with the public.
then in the evening I will play a FREE concert for anyone who
shows up at the sweetwater store.
and I'm bringing special guests to excite the ears.
for more information please call (206) 432-8176
see you there!


  1. Swwwwweeeeet!
    See/hear you there, Adrian.

  2. Congratz! You must be so proud to have your signature on such a wonderful instrument.

  3. For anyone wh is interested, the 2009 Parker catalogue can be found at...


  4. WELL---as jimi used to say----
    good things are worth the wait----just glad to see them finally being made---
    i've wondered for years why "fender" didn't make belew-strat--or adrian mustang--
    but we have had to settle for "rory gallagher"-
    es350's-----??-------i want mine to say--abpt--
    on it----lovya----gary slick

  5. ade - it's beautiful. i've had my eyes on a parker 'four seasons - spring' model for a while, but surely this would be worth the extra kitty treats. what's it smell like? does it put out?

    ...i'm young, blood type AB and disease free - anyone wanna buy one of my kidneys?

  6. hi adrian, congrats! i'd say this is the ultimate guitar. just a confirmation though, can it be used with a guitar synth (GR-30, GR-33, etc.)? and, can the tremolo do dive-bombs and pull-offs?
    thanks and more success to you!!

  7. yes and yes. it was made to play through a guitar synthe or any other midi device. I use mine through a GR-30 as well as a VG-99.
    the tremelo is the best I know of.


  8. Damn! I'm going to have to sell a LOT of Girl Scout cookies to get one of those!

    I watched the video demo that you hosted and I needed a bib by the time it was done. I doubt I'll ever be able to afford one but dreaming is still within my budget!

    Congratulations Adrian.

  9. Congratulations Adrian! It is beautiful and I have loved seeing the magic that you create when combined with this beautiful guitar.

  10. Very beautiful and sleek work of art. I love the Arctic Silver color.
    Congrat's !

  11. That's a great guitar, hope you come to Dayton or Cincinnati so I can see you play it sometime. I remember seeing you at Bogarts some years ago and it was on of the best shows ever.

  12. Ade' it's beautiful! I can't wait to try one.

  13. Adrian,

    My son and I spend a lot of time talking about music. I tell him how good the bands use to be and he tells me how good they are now. I was playing him a copy of Red about a month ago and since then he has accumulated most of kc"s catalog. What a great feeling it is to share something with your kids. Thanks for your music.


  14. oh man that's a beauty, adrian!
    i love the tangerine colour. (orange is my fave colour.)
    sustainiac & synth pickups... perfect.

    i have been playing my parker nitefly for 10 years or so, and i absolutely love it... one of the best investments i ever made.

    if i had the cash, that's exactly the guitar i would buy. (it likely goes for twice what i paid for my car, so i guess i should start buying lottery tickets.)

    way to go!

  15. Adrian, Julie, and Eric -

    Thanks for coming to Fort Wayne last evening to play yer stuff. Can't beat a 90-minute concert for free. As I said, while you were signing autographs, the small (250 seat) theater made it seem like I was watching you play in my living room. You guys (and gal) rock!!!

    Best of luck with the new album!

    Tony Isch

  16. Dear friend, Really your friends and guests are lucky ones to get special guitar experience!

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