Monday, May 3, 2010

it was twenty years ago today...

actually it was 20 years ago the day before yesterday,
on may first nineteen-ninety,
a day that began the best years of my life.
as in the song may 1, 1990 my life was changed forever
by meeting one martha webb at the peabody hotel
in orlando, florida following our david bowie concert.

when I look back at our past 20 years
I"m utterly amazed at the journey we've made.
nearly everything turned out fine.

thanks to all of you who have been along for any part
of the ride and I hope you'll be along for the next 20 as well.
great things are going to happen.


  1. ah, so orlando is the 'city by the sun'?

    best to you two. stay happy. it's contagious.

  2. Love that song! Love that album...You rock Adrian, and I will forever be on the ride...thanks! Congrats! Lisa the waitress

  3. Many happy more. It is truly the greatest gift to find your companion in life.

  4. Happy for you Adrian. Martha's a winner! Love to you both. xoxo

  5. The Bow-Legged SwantoonMay 4, 2010 at 9:49 AM

    "When she gave me back
    The power to believe"

    Good on you Adrian and Martha.

  6. may 1 is a great song! there's something about may... perhaps because it's my birthday on may 2nd, and my mom's on may 3rd. Really Good things happen around may...! or is it just my vibe?... who knows..

    Stefano from Argentina

  7. Congratulations! I was introduced to your music in the early 80's and you dominate my MP3 player now in all kinds of ways: solo, KC, ABPT, The Bears, and maybe others. It's great to watch your work grow and change, and I am sure Martha feels the same way.

    May you have many, many more happy and successful years together!

  8. Happiness and Light to you both !

  9. Adrian...Any problems with flooding?

  10. robo:
    yes, a large tree uprooted and is sprawling across our beautiful backyard garden park, but that is nothing compared to the people and businesses who lost everything. we were very fortunate that mount juliet is slightly elevated from most of the nashville topography, therefore the name. many places I normally go to are now shut down until next year. it was that bad.