Sunday, May 16, 2010

this afternoon I'm flying to salt lake city...

early tomorrow morning I'm doing a seminar
for the sales people at Musician's Friend,
the largest catalog music company in the U.S.
(owned by Guitar Center) in the hopes
of getting them all fired up about selling
what I consider to be the finest guitar in the world:
the Adrian Belew Signature Model Parker Fly.
on tuesday I'll be doing a similar thing in denver.

on another note:
happy birthday to two of the world's finest musicians,
and two of my favorite people on any planet:
robert fripp (may 16) and bill bruford (my 17).
cheers, boys!


  1. Happy Birthday to RF & BB!!
    RE: Parker Fly... very nice stuff but this "little guy" can only dream of owning such-a-tool! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Robert Fripp
    Happy Birthday Bill Bruford

    Come back alive King Crimson!

  3. Happy Birthday to RF & BB
    Have a safe and wonderful flight.
    If I had the means I'd sure like one of the Adrian Belew Signature Model Parker Fly's. How about a recession special? 8^D

  4. I Live in Denver! Let me know if you want a free pizza while your down here, Mr. Belew.

    P.S. Happy Birthday to Mr. Fripp and Mr. Bruford.

  5. Thanks for coming out to SLC. It was so great to spend time with you and hear you talk about that brilliant guitar. Of course it was great to hear your brilliant playing as well.

    Happy Birthday to Fripp and Bruford!!

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  7. Adrian...are you sure you are Adrian Belew? Well me your drivers liscense! Ring a Bell???

  8. Ready for the first Adrian Belew art sale! The Cleveland show was amazing hope to see you back here soon!

  9. hey mike! I've been thinking about you a lot lately.
    where are you? call me sometime.


  10. Any upcoming west coast shows after Vancouver Island?

    Hi Mike!

  11. I hope you got to eat at the Red Iguana.

    In 1999 or 2000, I was vacationing in SLC and discovered that Adrian Belew was playing at the Zephyr Club there. That was a GREAT one-man show. I hope you'll bring the 21st century version to Cali's central coast. Gracias!

  12. any shows around southern Ut. Vegas area?...crim.

  13. Who thinks that Tony will show up at the Bearsville Theater show? After all... he DOES live there...

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