Tuesday, June 15, 2010

look out east coast, here I come!

preparing for the two-day drive to the east coast to begin
the second leg of my painting with guitar one-man shows.
I have a few new wrinkles to add to the show this time round
and a brand new silver "production model" signature fly!
it's my first "production model", it's perfectly awesome,
and the best guitar I have ever owned.
my fingers happily fly up and down the neck of this beauty.

daniel will be onboard for a second time and I'm looking
forward to having julie open the last two shows.
with a new power trio live DVD to sign after the shows
and a special pair of silver shoes made by my daughter audie
the only thing left to decide is: conductor's hat or shiny pate?

one thing I enjoy in the show which seems inappropriate
for the rock concerts with the power trio or king crimson
is the question and answer interplay with the audiences.

the question which is most often posed is:
what is happening with king crimson?
so I'll attempt here to answer that question.

a few weeks back I wrote an email to my pal robert
asking him to call me to talk about something of
"heartfelt importance".
he called and we began a conversation about the miserable
plight of the working musician who often is not paid for his
or her contributions to the world of music.
robert said he now spends most of his professional life
chasing down money owed to him or king crimson.
for example, neither robert nor I have been paid
one single penny for our work on the construkction of light,
made how many years ago??
not a single penny.

imagine in your job if this were the case.

then we got on to the "heartfelt importance" part.
I reminded robert that next year 2011 would mark the 30-year
anniversary of what was once called
"the best live band in the world",
the 1981 krimson quartet with robert, bill, tony, and myself.
I said I'd like us to put that band back on the road next year.
I said it would be a shame for the young people who missed it
never to have that experience, especially considering the mostly
lame-ass crap that has passed for "great music" in their lives.
I said I would do everything in my power to make the touring
as pleasant as possible and believe we could hand-pick
what we were willing to do, i.e. how many dates, where, etc.
I offered my home and studio for as much rehearsal as needed.

I said "don't say no yet, think about it, then call back and say no".

there are serious issues of course, such as bill's recent
retirement from live music, but I feel a "heartfelt" urge
to let the world see and hear that band one more time.
robert is considering the matter now which is where we left it
and I hope this entry does not put extra pressure on him.
he has every right to decline, as do bill and tony.
I'm just hoping it might happen.

king crimson has always been one pillar of my career,
the other pillar being whatever solo efforts I can make.
for the last 4 years I've poured my heart and soul
into the power trio with eric and julie slick.
with an incredible amount of work put forth
by a small group of people, mostly my wife martha
we have managed to play around the world
and been successful beyond what I imagined would happen.

but the sad fact is I cannot keep the power trio working
year round so eric has found work in another band
which is keeping him so busy he is not available
for the rest of this year and who knows when next year.
(all the more reason to buy our new DVD:
a crass commercial plug, I realize).

to be honest the loss of eric and possible end of the slick trio
has truly sickened me and caused a paralysing deep funk
over the last few months which I have struggled to overcome.
my salvation has been the music I continue to make.

but I'm truly excited about my future hopes for the one-man shows,
anxious to experience a different power trio with the eight-armed
wonder drummer marco minnemann and julie and myself,
hopeful of an amazing reunion with my pals robert, bill, and tony,
and hoping maybe the slick power trio can reappear
next year if eric's schedule ever takes a breath.

isn't life exciting?
see you at the shows!


  1. Exciting indeed Adrian. I'll go see you in whatever configuration. Best of all on the road, in the studio and life in general.

  2. you were indeed the best band in the world, you were coming from another world and those records are still unsurpassed IMHO. I really hope the others will accept the challenge.


  3. I felt a little perfectly-shaped tear form in the corner of my eye when I read that "heartfelt" bit. I hope the KC Anniversary thing works out, for you more than anyone else. Good luck!

  4. Hey, Adrian!

    You always do such great shows--whomever you are with, it is always a pleasure to see you. Any chance of some Bears in your busy mix somewhere along the line?
    Good luck juggling it all, in any event!

  5. Great post Ade.

    I'm really sad to hear about the Trio not working anymore this year. Saw you and the trio at the Cannery about 2 years ago and was amazed at the skill and power of that group. I really hope there is more to be done with that band in the coming years.

    No way that the KC reunion will happen in the line-up you proposed though. Bill is done and I absolutely believe he will never come out of retirement for any reason. At least I saw the double trio in 1995. Maybe you can get Gavin Harrison back to fill Bill's shoes? I saw one of the 40th anniversary shows at the Belcourt and was completely blown away by his playing with KC. Also seen him with Porcupine Tree as well. The guy is an absolute monster on the skins.

  6. Sorry to hear about the financial troubles. Alls I can tell you is that I bought tickets to your Albany show and, like, hopefully some of that trickles back to you.

    While I've seen you solo once, when I lived in the Los Angeles area at a jazz club in Long Beach, the only time I saw that version of KC was in an abbreviated set at the HORDE festival when I was a teenager.

    I'd love to see a full set by you guys someday but, hell, any alignment would be nice.

  7. Good luck with all that! ;)

    Seriously, it would be great, but so would a trio w/ Marco Minnemann and Julie Slick.

  8. I would seriously love to see the '80s incarnation of Crimson, since I was born around a decade too late to see you then!! Let's keep our hopes up.

  9. I've already bought tickets for your Warsaw Summer Days Jazz show for my friends and myself, can't wait to see you FINALLY here! The King Crimson "1981 + 30" project would be very welcome. Many of my friends are fans of this particular period of King's adventures and as for me let's just say that when moving from tapes to digital "Discipline" was one of the first CDs I ever bought (just after Hendrix I think). Please reassure Robert that this music is worth reseeding into younger minds. Some people might not get it immediately, some never will, but it will grow in others. Anyway, even if this reincarnation wouldn't happen or it would not tour Europe, thank you for this idea and any effort for making it real.

    See you at the show!

  10. Hello Adrian - I can understand the pull of the 80's Crimson band. I was listening today to No Warning and just loved hearing it again, particularly Bill's drumming. Wonderful.

  11. Being of a certain age, and having seen all official iterations of KC save the 2000 tour, I can say it would be thrilling to see what 30 years of growth and change would bring to the '81/'84 lineup. The Chicago 2008 shows were wonderful, however, and for me it would be enough to see that lineup again (perhaps with more improv). Still, I will cross fingers, light candles and start my travel fund in case a way can be found to bring this idea to fruition. Pulling for you!

  12. While I tend to agree with the "naysayers" on the 80s KC 30th, we can all express our deep appreciation for the profound art this music will always be. We could even go all out and fantasize that the KC reunion WILL happen - with ABPT opening!

  13. I'll be at the Bearsville show and will try to get Tony to come also! Looking forward to seeing your paintings also...as a fellow artist I'm wondering what new creations have streamed from a musicians fingers. As for the power trio situation...if you are ever need another eager unjaded drummer....I'm available (yes I'm not just a stickplayerhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t0aD774uy4 ) or I reccomend my brilliant friend Dave Bodie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qmfwid0auA .For what it's worth,so long as I am alive and playing for many years to come, when the question is posed "what are your influences?"...Adrian Belew and King Crimson will always be my first answer
    Be well and see you soon.

  14. I hope the KC thing works out - I suspect that Bill would love to. However, I really hope that there could be a UK date...it's all been in the US as of late... You could sell out the Albert Hall, easy...!!

  15. We love you man. Do what ever it is that suits your fancy!

  16. Robert won't do it. If you know him well, you know he has moved on: been there, done that. But this doesn´t mean that KC has ceased to exist: once there is music that only KC can play, KC will show up - with a new, surprising line-up - to play it.

  17. a few parting comments before I'm off touring:

    to michael: thanks so much for your kind words.
    I'll see you after the show and I hope we can do something together sometime.

    to anonymous: I will support robert in whatever he decides. we have all moved on, but my point was it would be nice to celebrate the legacy of that line-up once more and to share it with our audience, young and old.


  18. I'd love to see a KC reunion, but Fripp never reforms old incarnations & judging from what Bruford wrote in his autobio, I don't think the prospect of working in KC would lure him out of retirement.

  19. Adrian, a fascinating blog entry. Witnessing the 1981 King Crimson was a life-changing experience, literally.... I changed my entire career(!). Ha! It was truly wonderful to see what *could* be done with the drums/bass/guitar/synth/vocals rock format, when those involved are courageous, open-minded, inventive, and are prepared to play music with a real ensemble approach (as opposed to individual "wankfests")... and each player had the chops necessary to realize the musical ideas that made it through the band's artistic filter.

    King Crimson, somehow, has filled that gap in that area of music composition and delivery for some 40 years, (unfortunately only on an occasional basis), but that "occasionality" puts into stark reality that each time King Crimson goes on sabbatical, the presence of this yawning artistic/musical creative vacuum becomes readily apparent; it seems that nobody is prepared to step up to the plate, and venture into the real unknown, grab stuff that exists there, and fashion it into something we listeners can understand, (and other musicians can copy and deliver to the masses and make lots of $!). The question: Can the King Crimson method exist outside of King Crimson?

    The idea of reforming the Belew, Bruford, Fripp, Levin band is, of course, a wonderful idea. *BUT*... would it be King Crimson, or would it be more of a retro affair, a band of the same personnel, under the name of King Crimson, performing old favorites from a bygone era? Although the two notions, of course, are universes apart, the second approach is no less musically valid... as the music will undoubtedly be performed live according to the King Crimson M.O.

    For me? Of course I would love to see that band tearing it up, hearing a 21st Century delivery of those songs and pieces we know and love... but King Crimson is also about change... and expecting the unexpected, or even just... silence, and waiting.

  20. just an idea, don't tour with KC do a series of online live shows for a small fee. from the comfort of your studio. Or perhaps a live online improv. from your respective homes all at the same time. now that would be cool...
    see you in philly.

  21. Wow, I'm surprised that you're pursuing a KC 80s reformation, and even more surprised that you've made the appeal public.

    At this point however, I'll take ANY live Crimson any way I can get it. Bill did recently say in his blog that the 80s crim group was the only group he'd been a part of which he wished had played more together.

    Good luck and best wishes on your upcoming solo shows. I hope to catch one some time,


  22. I´d really love to be able to see the 80s Crim, i´m just a 90s fan so can you imagine if i could see for one time only this crim formation?
    It´s Matte Kudasai! it´s DIscipline! it´s Model Man! it´s LTIA III! it´s Hearbeat! It´s Waiting Man! it´s... you know what it is!

  23. I feel so fortunate having seen that incarnation some 15 or so times starting with all 6 sets at The Savoy and continuing with some College (Stony Brook & Rutgers) performances and of course those outdoor Westside, NYC shows. "Four on A Perfect Pier" is how I termed those staggering evenings. Wonderful memories. A few more couldn't hurt.

  24. Wow, what a post! Shame about the Slick-ABPT (tho good for Eric being well-used), best of luck with other configurations, and of course the solo work and touring. I would love to see the 80s KC again. If BB, TL, and RF are as passionate about a reunion as is AB, it should happen, and would be great.

  25. Hey Adrian, thanks for posting this. I was fortunate to see the 80s incarnation at Poplar Creek, the second time around, in 1984, with the Elvis Brothers opening (the first time, in 1982, with Jon Anderson opening, was spectacularly rained out).
    The mention of your painting with guitar, and Robert's sound sculpting, makes me wonder if there's potential for some sort of painted sculpture? All the best, and I hope to see your show in Northampton.

  26. Bears......I need more Bears!!!

  27. I think it's time for the most powerful trio - Belew, Levin, & Bruford --- the ProjeKct that never happened. Can you imagine the wall of sound these three men could create? I'm not sure if I could even be in the same room!

  28. Hi Adrian,

    While I would love to see that lineup, it's going to be hard to pull Bill out of retirement. On the other hand, you have that English drummer (Mr. Gavin Harrison) who absolutely rocked and played flawlessly when I saw you guys at the 2nd night at Chicago. Also, new material with the 40th Anniversary Lineup wouldn't hurt (or a continuation of the 40th Anniversary Tour on the west coast). I hope the message to Mr. Fripp gets to him and initiates the spark that he needs before taking on more KC music.

    And on a side note, I hope your Power Trio continues with or without Erik. Marco would be a great substitute, but there are other drummers out there that would love to play with you.

  29. *loses more faith in humanity*


  30. It's funny to hear all these comments like "Naw, Robert and Bill would never go for it." I think Adrian has a better sense of these personalities than any of us fans, and wouldn't pitch something that didn't seem possible to him. That being said, I too would love to see/hear the 2008 lineup carry on. No reason to limit the repertoire, and the most recent 5-piece can play the hell out of those 80s songs and much more. I'm a little dubious of anniversaries (how was 2008 KC's 40th anyway?), but I trust the players to follow their muse(s) and 2011 is as good a time as any for the always forward-looking Crim.

  31. jono (Wellington, NZ)June 17, 2010 at 2:24 AM

    I'd cross the globe 2 c the 80s crims. Speaking of which Tony Levin is doing some globe crossing to play down here in New Zealand in Aug. About time you did the same Adrian!

  32. Ade -
    You mention a deep funk over the possible demise of the power trio & the uncertainty of KC. Always keep in mind the wonder that music brings to the player & it will see you through the rough spots. Music never fails in that regard.

  33. Ade, you rules !
    But i think robert is too much afraid someone take a picture during a performance.....

  34. I hope making this public doesn't backfire.
    Fripp can be sensitive about such things.

    I'd be very excited by this lineup playing together again, even if I couldn't get to see them, but I can't see Fripp doing it as a retro reunion. What would be the point? What would he get from it?

    KC needs to be creative. Perhaps with Fripp's involvment in Guitar Craft coming to an end the creative fairy will pay a visit.

    This could be the last opportunity for some new KC material. Before you know it another ten years will have got behind you and KC will be a fond memory rather than an exciting possibility.

    - aside from that, can't wait for the trio to pay a UK visit.

  35. YOU ASSHOLE, Dont forget about Pat and Trey.

    the 80s lineup was amazing they even made it better, I mean talking drum with a warr guitar solo then your violin solo then fripps solo then all clashing. Or amazing versions of Red and Larks 2.

    30 years of the 80s incarnation and make it 17 years of the 90s incarnation.

  36. Hi Adrian,

    The first time I got to see King Crimson was in 1995, when I was 20 years old. Way too young to see you or know about you in the early 1980s. I would be thrilled to see a show like this, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

    Have fun on your solo tour!

    PS. Try to focus on being glad you found the Slicks when you did, when they both had so much time available to you.

  37. honestly, i might actually die if you manage a discipline crimson reunion. even mere talk about it is electrocuting me. this is an amazing post.

    adrian, you're so cool!

  38. She carries me through days of apathy.
    She washes over me.
    She saved my life, in a manner of speaking.
    When she gave me back, the power to believe.

    You were referring to music when you wrote those words, right?

  39. Whichever musical road you eventually choose for your next artistic destination, it's still amazing that you are not only so active, but still pushing creative boundaries.

    The first time I saw you was at the Park West in Chicago. It was the summer of 89 in support of Mr. Music Head. Your daughter Audie joined you on stage to sing Oh Daddy. Great show! Since then I've seen you so many times, including about a dozen King Crimson shows. The 80s lineup would be a dream, since Discipline was my introduction to the band and remains my favorite Crim album. That said, I saw the first two Park West gigs in 08 and those might have been the best KC shows I've seen! Would love to hear new music with that lineup!

  40. Hi Adrian: Love your work! thinking of coming to see you at your Teaneck NJ gig...Will there be rhythymic sounds to accompany your stringed surprises?
    thanks -

  41. Best of luck with this hope, Adrian. Know that whether or not it works out, the music you created with that group - and elsewhere - is still being preserved and shared by many people around the world. I play it regularly for my family & friends, and I'll be sharing it with my toddler son when he's old enough to enjoy it. There'd be nothing like seeing it live - I never had the chance to do that, and would love to - but there's a quiet army out there, keeping the flame going, Dark Ages-style.

    You'd know better than anyone the chances of it happening, so best of luck. I'd travel quite a long way to see it.

    And good luck with trio matters, too. Relationships can be so hard when so much competes with them. However tough it gets, know that your creative journey is the stuff of wonder for many of us, most of whom have compromised some aspect of our creative potential for the safer course.

    All the best to you, and be well.

  42. Adrian,

    I would bring my 9 years old daughter and 7 years old son with me to witness such an act anytime...

    See you in Qu├ębec!

  43. @Mikhail, what up dude? Have a little respect for the man.

  44. Adrian,

    I hope you get out of your funk, It would be grand to see KC, but as an excellent artist in your own right, I can't wait to see you in albany on the 19th, thanks for giving us the chance. I did see you in 90 with David Bowie at Saratoga and you were great there.

    See you soon Safe trip.


  45. I was a bit too young to catch the 80's KC the first time 'round, so I'd probably auction off several body parts to get to see y'all on stage. Something tells me that Bill will grow restless and come out of retirement at some point anyway -- I get the feeling that while he may have left music, it hasn't left him. That said, I can't see him, or Robert, pulling everything together just to play a "greatest hits" tour (Bill, especially, has spoken pretty disparagingly of anything, like the Yes "Union" CD/tour, that sounds like a cash-in), so there'd have to be something more to it than that.

    Not that this is a bad thing, mind you, especially since it'd mean new material from a band that's been giving me goosebumps since I was a kid.

    And Adrian, remember the words of the Prophet (Omega): "Hard times do not last always." :)

  46. PLEASE do a show in the UK - a one man, a trio or a KC. Please!!! Surely there is a big enough audience for a one man show to make it profitable and enjoyable??

  47. Adrian,

    While in Pawling, come by the Dutch Oven (9 East Main St. by the train tracks)www.dutchovenfoods.com I'd love to feed you. I'm a big fan, who also shares December 23 as a birthday. I'll be at the show tomorrow and was thrilled when I saw you on the lineup at the Towne Crier.
    As to the Crimson, I was at a Fripertronics show at the Washington Square Church in 80 (or 81, can't remember) where he discussed his new formation of King Crimson. How the band was going to be called Discipline, but after getting started it had to be Crimson.

    I'd love to see it if it happens.

    See you tomorrow.

    Paul Rabin

  48. hey ade! while spazzing about this post all day, i was reading bill's wikipedia entry, and found that his retirement was actually short lived and might not be an issue now. he has been playing occasional gigs with "ann bailey's soul house" over in surrey.

    i thought it was a joke or a different bruford, but sure enough:

    crazy! what's he doing breaking a vow of retirement to be a pocket drummer in a cover band? he's so good. the four of you were masters and not only still have the chops to do a reunion justice, but could probably do better. if the chemistry is still there, it would be criminal not to share that gift live!

    'indiscipline' live with you on drums:

  49. Mr. Belew,

    I cannot thank you enough for all of the great music!

    Would love to see you (whichever incarnation of any band - solo, trio, or more) perform the next time you are in the Los Angeles area.

    All the best to you, and much continued success.


  50. we'd love to see king crimsonites back @ house of blues orlando, fl

  51. ade

    I hope that the implacable Fripp manages to prise every penny you & he and all Crims are owed out of the hands that have stolen it.

    saw you and the trio at B.B. King's club in NYC 2 years ago and change ... one of the best live music experiences in the past decade

  52. Adrian, I know that whatever you do in music will be worthy. A AB, BB, RF, TL KC reunion would be fabulous. I saw this lineup in LA on the Discipline tour, and the show was crazy good, so many new sounds, and such an energy level. Perhaps this line up could play some shows, and add in some more improvs to satisfy the creative natures of you guys, which the musical tenure of the 80s mostly did not allow for.
    In any case, I will always listen to what you are creating, as your music has always brought value to my life. Thank you for that!

  53. well hi MR.Belew its nice to hear from you.
    Let me say that a lot of people would die to see KC live or even a new album .go on with the great work i think you don't know how many fans you have in IRAN.A lot of people here consider KC as one of the greatest things that could possibly happen to music.Please know that we all support you with everything we have and that we wait for a reunion for so long.Here in Iran you and KC are Gods for us .We have learned so much from you, so many hours enjoying your music its just great to hear those news.Though i am 23 but i grow up listening to your music, a lot of moments that shaped my life where with KC.I think a KC reunion would be a miracle and a rescue for the lame Music today.Power to believe is still years ahead of this time.thank you for all the years of making THE BEST MUSIC.Hamed from IRAN.

  54. Hello Adrian! I would Love to see the '80's King Crimson reform & tour!!! Never got to see that band. I did see the double trio formation at State Theatre in Kalamazoo, MI when i lived in GR back in '95!!! Awesome!!!! Yes, i was the shouting lunatic in the front row over to the right. I could not believe i was witnesing KC LIVE!!! Now, i live in Phoenix, AZ and will make it a point to come see you if you come back to the Rhythm Room, have never been there. You & Robert & Bill & Tony could play at the Celebrity Theatre here!!!! Crim played there back in the '70's!!!!!! I would Definatly Be There!!!!!! Hope it happens!!!!!! Take Care, Ron.

  55. one more comment.

    while i look forward to seeing this new dvd, and in general like your solo music more than krim, "the noise - live in frejus 1982" is by far the best live concert video ever. stop making sense, queen at wembley, etc are such bigger productions and it still dwarfs them. an abnormally spirited performance.

    each member's role is so pronounced and perfect. the quartet was, more than anytime else, when krimson seemed more like a band than an idea or experiment.

    y'all should at least get together, watch old footage like that, reminisce and stuff. if a reunion ought to happen, it would probably come naturally from something like that.


  56. Thanks for playing tonight in Albany - I came up from Binghamton to see you.
    What a gift it was for you to perform in that format. (I said on facebook.. I'll say again..) Thank you for showing us what is possible with 6 little metal strings. Not just in formidable playing skill, but what an expansive palette of sound can be conducted using the guitar.
    It was eye-opening.
    I'm a hobby player.. I mentioned being clumsy with managing just a simple GR-30.. which is so much less complex than what you're working with. 8-)

    Your show reminds me to broaden my vision, and explore more. Stop trying to sound like everyone else.
    Is it possible to thank someone enough for that?
    Thank you!
    Pete Chady

  57. Of course the players involved know best what is or is not possible; let us be mindful of the fact that we love their output - we can at the very least be respectful of our musical heroes, their lives and their wishes.
    We do know something of the possibilities of this band; before the tours in the 90s, I had never thought it possible to hear them perform 69 material again.
    Perhaps an hour of "oldies" material (mostly 80s) with a second hour of entirely new jamming mixed in?
    Of commercial imperatives: I'd buy a lot of shirts (nudge, nudge; wink wink)!

  58. 'I said it would be a shame for the young people who missed it
    never to have that experience, especially considering the mostly
    lame-ass crap that has passed for "great music" in their lives.'

    Amen, my brother. Thanks for trying.

    ~ Signed, An Old Guy

    P.S. Happy Father's Day

  59. It would be amazing to see this lineup. Definitely the best live band in the world. The recordings were great aswell!

  60. How much I want to see that band put together .... Please Robert
    Mr Belew thank you so much for all your efforts!!

  61. Adrian,

    Just heard some of your work on a few tracks from Cotes d'Armor, Kevin's new project...great stuff, as usual! :) That wouldn't happen to be you playing the tenori-on during 'Unholy Triad'?

  62. That entire post was heartfelt.
    1 A West Coast tour would bring balance.
    2 Construction of Light was wonderful. When it was released, I stayed up late to listen without interruption. So sorry it didn't make any money. If life were fair, you would have made billions on that masterpiece.
    3 A grand opportunity in deed! I hope that King Crimson will be resurrected.
    4 It will be sad if the dynamic Slick duo will no longer be available to you. I am happy to have seen the Power Trio handful of times. I suspect that they will return in some way. They're too good to go away.
    5 e. Words are inadequate to describe e.

  63. Adrian:
    Not the others haven't said it or won't, but I feel the importance of that vision. King Crimson was and is IMPORTANT, and allowing the world to see and feel that band (yes, with older but still potent players) is something that really resonates with me.
    Sucks about Construktion: That's really a great record that future generations will discover and proclaim.

  64. I would see King Crimson in any form if you toured. Last time you toured, I went to New York to see you, and that version of the band was great. (Well, actually, it was the best thing I ever heard.) Having late bloomed with my love for music, I never saw you before that 'cause I'd never heard of King Crimson, even though now King Crimson is my life and has been since I was 18 or 19.

    Question: If you're trying to put back together the 80's formation and intend on calling it King Crimson, would that not be effectively kicking Pat and Gavin out of the band? And, if you intend on calling it King Crimson, will it keep the repertoire of the 80's and two 70's tunes, or will it branch out into its own new music, or 90's or 00's KC?
    Also, would you play in this band again without calling it King Crimson?

    If you reformed the band and DIDN'T call it King Crimson, I'd love to see it sharing the bill with the actual current King Crimson with Pat and Gavin. THAT would be a show.

    P.S. What's "Qua tari mei"? I figure since you're posting about a possible reunion of the 80's band, this is as good a post as any to ask about it, and I was so excited to meet you when you came to Toronto with the Power Trio, I forgot to ask.
    Sorry to hear about losing Eric, I'm really glad I had a chance to see you live with him.

  65. I never had the opportunity to see the '80s Crimson, and would be thrilled beyond belief to see the four of you in action.

    If that turns out to be impossible, perhaps a new Projekct could be road tested?

  66. I second the Gavin Harrison suggestion (if Bill's not up for it.) I caught the final NYC gig with Pat/Gavin/Tony and Gavin would be ideal in my opinion.

  67. No offense to anyone, but KC without Bruford isn't KC properly. Other drummers may be equally good, but it is not the same. Something about his accents I think. That being said, I would of course welcome any KC. If RF, AB, BB and TL got together and toured playing the kazoo, bagpipes, accordion and vuvuzela - I would be there.

  68. "If RF, AB, BB and TL got together and toured playing the kazoo, bagpipes, accordion and vuvuzela - I would be there."

    I smell a challenge...

  69. Dear Adrian,
    It saddens me deeply that you have been going through a paralysing deep funk. Maybe you should listen to some of your own music. This always works to cheer me up whenever I am feeling down. I haven't seen your recent Adrian Belew one man show, but please keep booking them (especially in Montreal). Apart from the many times I've seen you with King Crimson, The Bears, or the Power Trio, one of the best concerts I've seen you perform was with Projekct 2 at the metropolis in Montreal. What made that evening particularly special was the short acoustic sets that you played throughout the show. They were personal and intimate and absolutely heartwarming. Please pick up an acoustic and keep doing what you do. You're simply the best.
    We love you.

  70. Adrian can't wait to see on June 26 in Fall River, MA !!!! Your the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Hey Adrian:
    Thanks so much for the love you showed us in NYC last night! And don;t sweat the truncated performance of "d"; looping rhythmic stuff live is a PITFA! Everyone in that room was having so much fun and really enjoying getting a chance to ask questions, hear your responses and get to know you in a way that is impossible in a band performance.

    Glad you're digging the Parker Fly: I felt the same way when I first picked one up in 1995; how lucky that you've been able to work with them to tweak it to your requirements.

    Looking FW'd to seeing you again soon.


  72. adrian plis go to spain
    you are the best and i look
    near me.

    (my english is bad,im from spain)

  73. I think you could have signed a million names to that email. Thank you so much for sending it, and sharing it. An excellent idea. I do believe its good.

  74. Hey Adrian,
    This is really great to see that with all the things you're involved, you care about the young generations and what they listen to. i absolutely agree that today's music is mostly crap,and i wish your reunion KC tour works out ..it'd be great to see you guys back together.
    one thing, the whole King Crimson experience changed my point of view about the music, and the goal of it. it's just amazing that where you and Robert are taking people with your music, are such an untouched, strange, and sometimes holy,high lands which i've never experienced by any other musician, except a few in jazz fusion genre.
    by the way, i've recently bought your "E" album, and well... ! you know what ...!! it blows me away every time i listen to it.., keep up the good work, and Peace :)

  75. Hello Adrian Belew,

    I have such a checkered quirky history with KC and with you. I missed my one chance to see the original KC lineup at the Nat'l Jazz/Blues Fest in the UK in 1969. They were on the second stage, I'd never heard of them at that point, & I did not want to lose my 7th row seat for The Who's premiere peformance of Tommy. I still can't regret that, but oh to have been in two places at once that night....

    I was first impressed by you on the Bowie / Thin White Duke tour. I believe you were also on the Glass Spider tour? Then there were the various incarnations of KC, including the classic 1981. Whatever happens, it's been a great ride so far.

    So strange to think that next week you'll be playing 10 miles up the road from my house. See you at Mexicali.

    Anton A

  76. Adrian, GREAT show last night in Fall River MA.!!!!!! Right now I'm watching the new DVD adrian belew power trio live in germany. For anyone out there this is a must have DVD!!!!

  77. Whether trio,duo,solo,or quartet,
    If A.B. is in the line-up we're all set.
    A name, a logo, a contract, who cares;
    If it's Crimson, the Trio, or the Bears.
    Painting With Guitar may be history,
    But rest assured you'll see more of me.
    From the dwarf enjoying your closing night,
    Whatever we do will turn out all right.

  78. Adrian, first of all i hope to see you in Portugal soon! :)
    Second, i hope you can manage to get back with KC and tour in Europe... I was born in 1990, so it pains me to have never seen them!

    King Crimson, Portugal, 2011!!!!!!! PLEASE!

  79. I sincerly hope to see that KC line-up, or at the very least a KC as i've never got the chance to being of these young people you refered to.

    In the meantime, you should come back to Montreal, last show was great :)

  80. Adrian,
    Your 'heartfelt urge' is indeed a worthy one to pursue, ESPECIALLY for the young people who missed it the first time 'round. Like me, for instance...

    August 7th, 1982: Driving to Poplar Creek Music Theater in Hoffman Estates, Illinois to see King Crimson with a friend of my older brother who was a Crimson fan; I was simply wanting to see Jon Anderson open, being the huge Yes fan that I was. While en route, it was announced on WXRT that the show had been cancelled due to lightning taking the power out at the venue. Had a storm not ruined the energy of that day, I would have no doubt been a Crimson fan from that very moment on. I have often wondered what my reaction would have been. I do know for sure that my mind would have been sonically blown & completely shorted out; hearing Tony for the first time, specifically, as I am a bass player. As it turned out, the first Crimson show I attended wasn't until May 2000, at 12th & Porter here in Nashville.

    So, I for one (of many) would quite enjoy a 'musical refund' as it were!!

    Keep the faith, Ade!

    Ross Smith
    Nashville, TN.

  81. If you do a tour, I will fly from New Zealand to see you, I would pay the world to see you 4