Thursday, June 24, 2010

"I'm a travelin' man...

made a lot of stops, all over the world..."

when as a kid I watched Ricky Nelson sings those words
on the Ozzie and Harriet Show I never imagined one day
I'd be receiving my fourth US passport, the previous three
being so stuffed as to require extra added pages.

and Martha has just informed me I'll be racking up more
frequent flier miles than expected between now and the end
of august since we've just added power trio shows
in Japan, Chile, Argentina, and Uraguay
to the festival in Vancouver island
and my planned visit to Amsterdam in late august
(more on this in an upcoming announcement).

all of which is exciting news and demonstrates how
in the small corner of the music business I occupy some things
can be planned far in advance, but many cannot.
a good example is the new dates just added in Japan.
we've been working on having the trio return to Japan
for more than a year and a half and just now
with only 5 weeks notice we've been booked there.
still, it's all good, and the future continues to shine on.

meanwhile I'm busy loading up my iPad with eBooks
for the long journeys ahead.


  1. With 2011 being the 25th anniversary of the release of Desire Caught By the Tail, you should at least add one tune from that album to your Metropole Orkest setlist! I would love to hear a full orchestra interpretation of any of those songs!

  2. the bears version of laughing man was a real treat . i was , actually laughing .

  3. How is the iPad for you? Is it like a big iPod Touch?

  4. Greetings from Wendy (Belewhale) & Brent from the Great White North of Thompson, Manitoba

    It is wonderful to hear that you will be gearing up again for overseas touring - maybe a return to Australia might be in the offering? Especially since we are making the big move ourselves - back downunder! If I can help in anyway to bring about another phenomenal Aussie tour - please let me know!

    And to think - after having moved to Manitoba from just south of Courtenay, on Vancouver Island - you guys are finally making the huge trip there to play!!! I tried so very hard to get a whole bunch of gigs lined up in Vancouver and the Island a couple of years ago - dreaming of finding the funding to be able to make it happen.... only to miss out on my dream finally coming true - without me!
    Oh well, them's the breaks - but maybe my Aussie dream will become a reality....

    All the best to the new Trio - our thoughts will be with you all : )

  5. its Uruguay not Uraguay =)

  6. if im wrong im going to look stupid but here goes nothin

    did you quote mos def?! :D