Thursday, July 29, 2010

my favorite band in the world...

The Parrots!
every time I go to Tokyo I look forward to my favorite evening out:
a night with The Parrots at the Abbey Road club in Roppongi.
it always proves to be the most fun ever.

the Parrots transport me back in time to the simpler fun-filled days
of my youth when The Beatles music filled my every waking moment
and the world itself seem to be on some kind of magical mystery trip.

I doubt the mighty Beatles could sound as good as the Parrots
who easily capture the spirit of the times, the joy of the music
and put a mile-wide smile across my face while I gleefully
sing along with every word, every harmony, play along with
the ringo fills, the fab guitar licks, and masterful orchestrations.
you can't imagine the joy it brings me.

I visited with the Parrots in their cramped backstage area
and as usual they asked me to join the band onstage.
they showed me their set list of 200 beatle songs!
(all of which they play to perfection)
and we picked out two songs for me to sing:
one from paul: all my lovin'
and one from john: nowhere man.

it was a indeed a splendid time for all!
thank you Parrots.
you're my favorite band in the world.


  1. sounds like a blast ! ... re=related


  3. Oh man, I'd love to hear you sing those songs! Maybe it's time for an Ade and the Parrots album?!

  4. Hi Andrew! Here in my land, Vitória in Brazil,we have one of the best Beatles cover of the world, It calls "Clube Big Beatles", just a link to you all:
    I was in that show :-)

  5. Q. What's orange and sounds like a parrot?

    A. A carrot

    You can have that one for free... ;-)

  6. that sounds phenomenal! wish i'd checked out the club when i was in tokyo.

    down in kyoto, i think, i found a bar called MOTHERS. it was decked out in zappa regalia. they had a 'music menu' with every vinyl release for you to choose from.

    i love japan.

  7. adrian
    i was on your show at chile....i have to say....eyyyy man all of you in the band were i can die happy.....