Friday, July 16, 2010

this lets me off the hook!

that was robert's joking reply to this posting
from bill on the bruford website:

"on the re-union thing, and asking would I do an 80’s KC?
Not if I can help it!
It’s precisely because I loved the 80s band so much
that I would be highly unlikely to try to recreate
the same thing, a mission I fear destined to failure.
My experience of reunions, has, on the whole, been underwhelming."

I certainly cannot disagree with bill's reasoning..

robert went on to say in this morning's email
he has so much important stuff to do right now that
"rather than saying no, I can't say yes".
on a positive note he indicated he would rather spend his energies
toward new krimson music, although not in the near future.

so there we have it.
there will be no 80's krimson.
but there may be new krimson someday.
I can live with that.


  1. hard to be too disappointed. i kinda like robert's response. bill's is classy too, though disappointing, and possibly wrong. i can't imagine any one of you four not being able to bring it 100% or better. in particular, i still think bill should make new music with you, no matter what the project.

    i am really glad you took initiative in this. shame it isn't happening, but ain't for lack of trying.

    cheers amigo

  2. We can live with that, too! Looking back is rewarding, but looking forward is exciting.
    Thanks for playing New Hampshire last month!


  3. I figured Bill would respond as such. I saw the Yes Union tour twice, the opening gig in Pensacola and toward the end of the tour, much later that summer in Atlanta. Was like seeing 2 different bands. Opening show was good, everyone trying to feel their way around each other musically. At the later show, Bill seemed to be half-mocking some of the members of the group (Chris Squire in particular). You could tell that he was ready for that tour to be over. Can't say I blame him on his views about reunions.

    Good to hear Robert is still open to KC. I'm sure that Crim will rise again at some point.

  4. Give me a bloody break. All of your egos are so large now that you can't hear the music for your own praises.

    Your moms should give you all a good wack and send you back on the stage and tell you to not do something over, but make something up

  5. I have to disagree with Anonymous here. Although you would not remember me, Adrian, we have spoken on a few occasions. You have always struck me as down-to-earth and a genuine pleasure to be around. It's been a few years, but I can't imagine you have changed all that much.

    Thinking about '80s Krim got me to thinking about your '80s guitars. So I changed my photo to that of a "Burnside by Guild" guitar I picked up some years back. It appears to be totally factory-made and not a refinish. Is there a story here?

  6. I appreciate your positive outlook toward Crimsonizing. Your work is consistently outstanding whether with Crimson or not - I look forward to hearing you in any context. It sounds like I missed an awesome, once in a lifetime experience on Vancouver Island! - S.

  7. Good news that there may be NEW Crimson music on the horizon! As a fan of both you AND Crimson, all the music is wonderful, but NEW music is always welcomed!

    Best of luck right now with ABPTv3 . . . any plans to play here in Nashville soon????


  8. I vote for "King Crimson: The Next Generation," with Julie Slick on bass and Eric Slick on drums. (And maybe add Tony Levin on stick, and either Marco Minnemann or Pat Mastelotto on drums, for another double trio?) Just a thought....

  9. diane:
    next spring will see the return of the power trio to the states, having given the U.S. a rest for this year. I'm sure we'll be coming to nashville. which trio it will be, that I'm not sure of.

    to all:
    my next thought is to celebrate the 80's krimson on my own next year, maybe sharing a billing with tony and pat (stickmen)? or simply adding a chunk of the 80's material to the trio set list.

  10. That sounds great, Ade!

    As always, more than any other band, I hope for the rebirth of King Crimson however unlikely.

    Like the other guitar player says "sometimes a reasonable person might despair. But Hope is unreasonable and Love is greater even than this. May we trust the inexpressible benevolence of the Creative Impulse."

    Meanwhile, I am VERY curious as to what the Power Trio sounds like with that new boy on drums!

  11. Because of the power trio, KC's absence is a little less painful. You three were the real deal. But its nice to see some attention and discussion around the ALL TIME classic incarnation.

  12. So if you combine Ade's two ideas (sort of) -- add Tony and Pat to the Power Trio and more 80's KC to the set list -- you're just one Fripp short of my "King Crimson: The Next Generation"!

    I'm just sayin'....

  13. to all:
    my next thought is to celebrate the 80's krimson on my own next year, maybe sharing a billing with tony and pat (stickmen)? or simply adding a chunk of the 80's material to the trio set list.


    I'm there.

  14. BTW:

    If Pat's not able, maybe Terry Bozzio?

  15. KC and KC and the Sunshine Band are about equally important. They are both history, let it be.

    Adrian, I like your music for your solo work ... but I won't stand up and beg you to play 1967 for the rest of your life. All this KC dreaming is a melodramatic diversion ... Like trying to hook up with an old, old girlfriend.
    You have the gift to be creative in your later years.

    Stretch out!


  16. i am gonna chime in here and not chime in .

    all the best , looking forward to any new material . all the best , pt2 .

  17. Bears!! I NEED more Bears. Grrrrrrrr....

  18. Yeah - the Red Princes celebrate the music of King Crimson. Go for it! (Though of course, I need my cut if you use the name ;-) )

  19. In contrast with Steve, I WILL ask you to play 1967 for the rest of your life. Next European tour perhaps? :D

  20. Though disappointed that KC will not be playing at a venue near us anytime soon, I am not surprised nor dissatisfied with the decision. Most of us know that, with the exception of Adrian's and Bob's relationship, which remains strong, the creative dynamic between Bob, Bill and Tony, and possibly Trey has soured. I see nothing constructive coming from an '80s rehash. Bob and Adrian are right in waiting for the Muse to strike once again with a fresh lineup in the future. Until then, we have a wonderful catalogue from the 60s to the 00s that can keep us entertained.

  21. I count myself in the camp that says "80s reunion would have been nice, 80s reunion but with new music would have been better, but a new Crim with possibly some of the old stuff mixed in with new music, now that would be worth traveling for, since it's the most likely to happen." (what am i saying? i'd travel for any of the three options.)
    As to who can I imagine in a new Krim? I don't know. Each time I've been presented with a new Krim (starting with Krim MkII), I've said "that can't possibly sound like Krim." But you know what? It does, even though the music may not sound like a continuation, the spirit is there.
    Thanks for being you making your music, Adrian!

  22. thanks for keeping us posted Ade. Look forward to seeing the wondrous Power Trio in whatever form it takes.

  23. I'd love to see a triple duo next time for a change! Somebody please say Mr. Fripp not to take too long this time. It doesn't matter what the orange clowns may have said to him, he won't live forever!

  24. 80s Crim will live forever, I'm just glad it happened in the first place. I was too young to catch it, I got to see the double trio twice in London, both unforgettable experiences. Thanks for trying Ade, forgive the others, they're getting on a bit - grumpy old men. You gotta love em tho! x

  25. My first Krimson show was Savoy Theatre in changed my life !!!
    Last go round I saw Krimson at the Nokia Theatre in NYC....They blew the roof off the place. But Robert was hidden behind what looked like a refrigerator on stage...
    Now I love Krimson and will see any and all incarnations that arise.....but......really ?
    Ade....Thanks for all the continued awesome music with the power trio and one man show !!!!
    You are the "Twang Bar King"...thanks...Mp

  26. I would love for a new Crimson thang. I don't understand the reunion rhetoric. I would fully expect Adrian, Robert, Tony and Bill to reinvent Crimson. That is whole point, right? To boldly go where noone has gone before. Take it somewhere new. I would (will) be first in line to buy the tickets and to buy the CD/Download/whatever the format.

  27. As long as you keep on playing the world will not end. We saw you at the World Cafe Live; Excellent Show! If I am the Lone Rhino...well there must be a whole more lot of us...

  28. If there was ever an 80s KC reunion I would only work if you were forced to use original 1980s gear. No VG-99 emulations of GR300s. I want to see you battling with the tuning of a Blue Box. That would be entertaining. At least for me.

    But the 80s KC was outstanding. Your little guitar jabs on Neal Jack and Me still give me shivers.

  29. It's disappointing that there won't be an '80s reunion, but good to know that the mighty Crims will rise again!

  30. I think it's normally better to move forward than back. But who's normal? it would be nice to see you incorperating some electronic percussion funky bonking back into your performances like the power trio to mix it up a bit. best wishes safe travels

  31. For those that really want a fix of the '80s KC - a highly rated show from '82 Philly is on sale over at DGM. :D

  32. How about a guitar duet?

    New material of course mixed with old.

  33. I'd love yo see '80s Crim again. Ideally though, I'd like to do so in 1984.

  34. I would love to see the 80's Crim perform but I'd love to hear some new KC sometime with Adrian even more.

    Still, great idea Adrian, and we're all glad you gave it a try!