Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hello tokyo!

today I am packing, tomorrow I am flying to japan.
this will be my 15th visit to japan. I love it there.
I'm bringing a power trio which is, well, very powerful!
I'm so excited about this version and can't wait
to hear the evolution of this line-up over 4 shows
4 nights in a row at the same venue.
last time we thoroughly enjoyed the Blue Note.
what a fabulous place to play.
I'm hoping all the fans show up for this one.
these shows should not be missed.

today I have also done a half dozen interviews for
the upcoming shows in argentina, chile, and uraguay.
it's not often I can play in south america,
a rare opportunity for us and the audience
and I can feel the excitement building.
I think we'll be on fire by then!


  1. Excellent ! I hope you all have a wonderful time and the shows are smokin' !

  2. Adrian,

    I think you need your old buddy Tracy Deaton to be your guitar tech :) Japan and South America both sound nice right about now.

    Keep burning that passport up and spreading the gospel...I hope to get to see this version of the trio sometime soon!

    PS: I really enjoyed the "one man show" here in Cincy....It was great to see you.

    Travel safe.

    Tracy Deaton

  3. Looking forward for your show in Buenos Aires! See you there Adrian!

  4. I cannot wait to experience this incarnation of The Power Trio.Please bring it back to us again soon !! Have a great tour !!
    Love and Light :)

  5. Hey Adrian! You will notice that you were expected here in Argentina. I have mi ticket :). Thanks!

  6. Dear Adrian,

    I learned two days ago you will be playing in Santiago, Chile. This is a dream come true. Immediately I ran and emptied my wallet to get a ticket. I am so happy I will get to see you live.

    I am only visiting Chile. You can imagine my excitement. Your music has provided companionship and solace whenever I am alone and down. "Dinosaur" is the anthem to my soul.

    Love and light. I know Julie and Marco will be up to the standards.

    Bernie (a Pennsylvanian in disarray)

  7. Break a leg! Or, as you once told me, "Playmanplay!"

  8. Adrian,
    While in Buenos Aires, the best Italian food ever is at IL Materello. Careful...its definitely in a "dangerous place." Also, check out La Viruta in Palermo where everyone tangos until 3am. Then come to Chicago. We don't care who you play with...its you who moves us.
    Be safe,

  9. Congrats to Bernie! There is nary a thrill greater, when away and in disarray, than to bond with another culture with the best of your own.

  10. Ade,

    Nice mention by Rusty Anderson in an USATODAY interview:

    Since 2001, Rusty Anderson has been a right-hand man to the world’s most famous left-handed bassist.

    But before he became the guitarist in the Paul McCartney Band, which performs tonight at the Sprint Center, Anderson was a well-established session musician and an accomplished songwriter.

    On Aug. 3 he will officially release “Born on Earth,” a collection of dynamic, well-crafted modern pop/rock tunes. (It is available now for digital download, and Anderson recommends the single “Where Would We Go.”)

    Monday evening, he talked to The Star about his own music and career and about being on stage with a knighted legend.

    Q. Who has influenced your music, as a songwriter and guitarist?

    A. It’s so vast. When I was 5, my older sisters listened to the Beatles records. That’s really how I got into music in the first place. So in some sense, it had a big influence on me.

    If you look at my iPod, it has a very diverse group of songs on it. Jimi Hendrix was a big influence. Jeff Beck. Mick Ronson, especially his live playing. Adrian Belew. Alice Cooper — his early ’70s band. I like the Local Natives, Band of Horses, Band of Skulls, old Genesis with Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett, the White Stripes. The Stones.

    Read more:

    Two post for me in one week!


  11. have a question, What size drumkit is marco using? i thought eric did so well with his 4 piece.

  12. Uruguay Ade.... Uruguay.... wish I was there to see you!

  13. Hi Adrian,

    As you won't come to Brazil I'm gonna see you in Montevideo. I couldn't miss this!


  14. Come back to Toronto!!!

    Buenos Aires, the city of Tiny Lights!!!!