Wednesday, August 11, 2010


if my life was a newspaper, that would be the headline.
I am elated to say we sold out all 4 shows
in Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay,
something the trio now refers to as "the perfect tour".

and boy am I surprised!
after all the work, the planning, the booking of flights
and hotels, the renting of gear, and the flood of emails,
in the end you never really know what to expect.
it could easily be a bust and you could come home flat.
I had no idea we would be met with so much passion!
I'm not so much "bragging" as I am relieved to know
my small "organization" (in this case martha, me,
julie, marco, john sinks, and two promoters*)
can produce such results and to know there is such
an audience for what is admittedly strange music.

the audiences were ecstatic, well-informed, and loud!!
in Santiago they began pounding the floor and cheering
madly before we ever stepped on stage and they never stopped.
I've rarely experienced such an outpouring of energy.
like some giant tsunami wave of love rolling over you.
one thousand people inside, another three hundred
outside who couldn't get tickets.
(don't worry, we'll be back!)

in Beunos Aires we played a beautiful new club Samsung Studio
with one of the best sounding stages we've ever had,
(no wonder ABPTv.3 just gets better and better with each show;
it's scary I tell you)
two nights in a row with rapt crowds, the perfect italian meal,
and a successful guitar clinic sandwiched in between.

in Montevideo Uruguay, a country I've never played before
the fans seemed to know every song in yet another
fabulous rock club sold out, 600 strong.

in fact, everywhere we went people treated us royally.
touring can be many things: arduous even dreadful,
but at best it can be something inexplicable, transcending.
in this case there are too many highlights to recount.

some personal moments I'll not forget:
meeting the very young fans who waited outside each night
(a surprising sign of hope for the future)
the reviews of the show which included this gem:
"adrian's guitar sounded at times like kittens
being tortured by pigs who had a bad childhood"
(I'll take that as a compliment)
leaving the beautiful hotel suites given to each of us
overlooking the Uruguay beachfront to take
a lovely 3-hour ferry ride from Uruguay back to Argentina
which included a much-needed puppy-like nap in the sun,
and the 3 a.m. late night hang-outs with the promoters
and friends in hip hideaway clubs where we toasted
and claimed this to be " the perfect end to the perfect tour".

it really doesn't get any better.

* a special thanks to Guillermo Italiano and Santiago Mocorrea.


  1. Gee. Even better than the Brixton in Redondo Beach? Amazing.

    Seriously, congratulations to you all on finding the audience you deserve. Hoping it carries over to your next set of travels.

  2. Dear Adrian, please be sure to know that you'll always be treated like this, and that we love to had you here and we'll love to have you back again and again and again!!

    With Much Love, from an argentinean young fan who knows every song of you!

    (P.S. Play The Momur for me next time you come!!!!)

  3. I saw a video of 3ofAPP in Chile on Youtube, and the audience's reaction was stunning, even in Low-Fi. They were singing along! :)
    You guys deserve it, and should continue touring and adding material/recording ASAP - grab lightening in a bottle. How about ABPQ - Adrian Belew's Double Power Quartet - Eric AND Marco - Julie and Adrian? If not Quartet - how about another Double-Trio. Julie is absolutely KILLER now!

  4. Nunca entiendi porque no hacias mas shows en latinoamerica, si aqui tienes mas fans que en ninguna otra parte.

  5. Congratulations Adrian!!!!!

  6. Fantastic! Congratulations to you all.

  7. Great show Adrian! Thela was smoking...

    Hope to see you in Brazil next time.

  8. You have a strong following everywhere; some skinny, some small, some wide, and some tall.
    We may have missed the Beatles, Barrett,or R.F. live, but than they would Be(out)lewed by the Power Trio anyway.
    Rock On!!!

  9. Adrian, It's not bragging when it's true.

    Congrats on the successful tour! ABPT definitely deserves it.

  10. You don't even need to be a rock star to enjoy the South American experience. My wife used to Live in Argentina and I'm always blown away by how warm and friendly everyone is even to a rank gringo like myself. When it comes to the good things in life family, food, music and just having a good time you'll never find more positive energy and enthusiasm.

  11. Adrian
    Thanks for your words towards us, the audience, I´m glad to have seen you for the ... ninth time in Buenos Aires; yes you read well. I´ve been in seven crimson shows and your acoustic show in buenos aires, and i´ve been at samsung studio on saturday night with my pregnant wife (future guaranteed as you said).
    Your show is more than excelent, it´s a savage display of powerful music that went beyond my expectations. I´m stil excited about the show and utterly happy to know that coming back is in your future plans.
    Fan forever.
    Ezequiel Piaggio

  12. Dear Adrian

    the night of 6 August in Santiago fans renewed my license, over 20 years enjoying your music and have never seen you live, starting today 20 more ... I wait anxiously. Still echo in my ears the echoes of that night filled with energy. Your music is food for my soul and my own search engine for musical. Adrian thank you very much for your visit, you will not find in the future.

    Surprised by Futurevision version

    Alejandro Angel, La Serena - Chile

  13. Dear Adrian,

    Thank you so much for the best two shows I've seen in my life. I'm really happy I could hear you playing Three of a Perfect Pair, Dinosaur, All Her Love is Mine, Thela hun ginjeet and Young Lions. I hope to see you again in Argentina.


    Nadia (that girl in the audience who gave you a letter)

  14. Hello Adrian, I am very happy that the tour was a success! I could not travel in time to see your show in uruguay, I am a Brazilian girl and I was thrilled to hear that you were so close I could not see the power trio, I'm anxiously waiting his return in the American South, especially in Brazil! kisses to you and your entire team. ADRIAN NOT FORGET YOUR FANS HERE IN BRAZIL !!!!!!!! LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!

  15. good to know you realised how big is your southamerican audience! I was at the samsung studio in bsas and I swear, it has been one of the bests shows I've ever seen (the quality of the sound was amazing!)
    be sure that you'll always sell out every show here!
    hope to see you soon again :) (by the way, I'm part of the 'young people' that loves good music)

  16. Adrian, i´m from montevideo. What a beautiful show last monday ! Hope you come back soon!!!

  17. Adrian, thanks for coming to Montevideo. It was truly a wonderful show. Come back soon, you'll always be welcome!

  18. Adrian! How come you came to South America and didn't visit us in Brazil?? I'd love to see you with your power trio again!

    Alex (whom you signed 2 'Beat' records back in the Oct/2009 concert in Winnipeg!)


  19. hey there,
    thanks to all of you from Brazil who are asking for the trio. the reason we didn't make it there this time? we had no connections with a promoter
    and therefore no one to do the shows with.
    but I think that will change before we come back to South America and I believe we'll make it to Brazil next time which will hopefully be some time next year.

    cheers, adrian

  20. Dear Adrian, Julie and Marco:

    Myslef, and on behalf of all your Chilean audience, we had proved that you have a huge amount of fans in Chile, and of course all over South America.

    And please don't get us wrong with the impression that we are "just Crimson fans". We are way more that that, we follow Adrian Belew's steps and learning all the way, and we hope we could show and prove that we are that enthusiastic with you music, your intention, and your philosophy.

    Always remember the Inner Revolution lyrics, we - remember that we had a major earthquake in Feb 27th this year - overcome all we can within our hands, because we have to "do it" ourselves.

    The outcome you got from that frenzy crowd in Chile, was our personal inner revolution, led by you all, and we just don't dig your music, we get inspired, and for sure we have the deepest respect as you deserve in the music industry.

    You told it so in Sweetwater's Interview, you are aware of these times and the only way is playing live, providing that magic and energy - old school style you may call - fans need.

    Thank your for your great performance in Chile, and "e" is a great new addition to the set list. Keep it coming, as you once said.

    It feels that you are just beginning this Journey, and boy oh boy we took care of proving you that.

    Thanks to all fans in South America, thanks to ABPT V.3 and all the magic.

    My ears still ring and my throat still hurts from that great night.

    Y Viva Chile CTM!!!!!!!

    Paul Evans
    Santiago - Chile

  21. Adrian,

    Guess that Paul Evans took my words, so I just want to add a big THANKS to you and the rest of the gang.
    Hope to see you back in Santiago sooner than later.


  22. Thank you very much Adrian for playing in Chile, we waited a LONG time to see you live, i was there cheering like never before,it was really hard to remain seated!!!!
    As someone stated here we´re not just King Crimson fans, we´re fans ( and also disciples) of your sound and your vision when it comes to make music.

    I could not help noticed that you were really happy in your show in Santiago, was great to see you smiling like a kid, surprised and almost jumping out of happiness when you went backstage after the scheduled "normal" show, only to return twice!!!

    Thank you for a very unforgettable night!!!!

    Please come back soon!!!!!

    Pablo, CHILE

  23. I not like internet,mucho.I one not know English and all things.Hard comprehender?See.No one aid.
    I not can mail but I say I adorare yours creacion,everybody several.It all masterpieces and I admirable.Thank you.
    And Unos please for real more.Bobo.

  24. (I am a Brazilian girl who tried to go to Uruguay to see his show but was unsuccessful)

    We love you Adrian, I confess that I was very curious why not come to Brazil, very much want to come visit us here in Brazil! Make sure you have many fans here, we dream to meet you I say that you have many fans in much of south and northeast of our parents, our generation admires good music and strive to perpetuate it ... come on visit, you are our messiah kkakakkakakak!! kisses to all of the trio ... love you too!
    next year will be great! obrigada!!!

  25. Happy for you all, thanks for sharing!

    best to you and yours,

  26. Greetings from Brazil! Very happy to know that maybe we have an opportunity to see Adrian Belew Trio in our country in the next year. When I knew you guys were playing in uruguay I almost cried cause I could not attend the gig, you know, blame for my busy job at time. Don´t forget the Belew/Crimson fans in Brazil, please! God bless you and your amazing music!

  27. Thank you for playing such amazing music! One of the best concerts of my life :)

    You can come back to Chile anytime :D

  28. Hi Adrian!.
    What a great concert! I was the one who wrote you sounded like "kittens being tortured by pigs who had a bad childhood". Obviously, it was a compliment. I just couldn’t believe your sound and the energy of the band. There were no words for it. So I just had to make an image that could express the fantastic music you were doing. I’m very happy and humble that you like my comment. Keep doing that breath taking music that you do and come back soon!!!! Maybe we can have a beer hahaha….

    Anyone interested in reading the review (in spanish) you can go here:



  29. uruguay was are my master,inspiration and a symbol of good taste ,music and professional.cheers.keep rockin´man.
    naz(brazil-a capricornian like you...

  30. "Kittens being tortured by pigs that had a bad childhood." kakkakakka for us Brazilians, it does much more than that, he restores them to life! adrian kisses we are moving here in Brazil for the next time not lose the opportunity to see the power trio!

  31. what a nice metaphore!
    in fact, the accurate translation of what Pablo said is " kittens being raped by pigs who were not loved in their chilhood". It sounds even better!! (except for pet defenders, of course)

    you can see the review here: