Tuesday, August 17, 2010

another Parker Adrian Belew Signature Model in the works!

the Adrian Belew Dragonfly*.

for those of you who don't know much about Parker guitars
the Dragonfly is an updated model of the Parker Fly
which features a slightly more conventional body shape,
larger headstock, and different neck shape.

the new AB Dragonfly will be in a more affordable
price range for those of you who can't own
the Ferrari of electric guitars, the AB Parker Fly.
the Dragonfly has all the same features except the Line-6 Variax.
this means you still have a midi-capable guitar which uses
the standard 13-pin connector along with a Sustaniac pickup
in the neck position, a DeMarzio in the bridge position,
and a Piezo pickup for acoustic guitar sounds.

one big difference in the design: it will allow you
to play the guitar through the 1/4 inch plug output
(standard on every electric guitar)
and still have the Sustaniac and magnetic pickups,
therefore bypassing the guitar's midi capabilities.
great for when you just want to jam somewhere.

it's a gorgeous instrument weighing only 5 pounds.
as with the AB Fly I'll be choosing super quality high gloss
custom car finishes to make the Dragonfly dazzle on stage.

we have just begun the process of designing
and manufacturing the guitars so I'll let you know
a target availability date and other details
including the price as soon as I know.

of course I'm extremely excited to attach my name again
to what is certain to be a superb Parker electric guitar which
plays like butter, sounds fabulous, and stays perfectly in tune.
the Mercedes of electric guitars? maybe so.

*pictured above is a standard Parker Dragonfly.


  1. Thanks for bringing out what looks to be the perfect hybrid guitar for weekend warriors! What a versatile instrument.

  2. Awesome! I know what I'll be asking Santa for this year.....

  3. Hi,
    looks like a winner - we though of the Belewnation still would like to see your beloved custom painted Strats that we grew UP on - I know my wife was mad last time we saw you - she's like where are the Strats!
    Still good luck on the launch as I am sure it is amore stable product - comments MR. B

  4. I'm guessing somewhere in the $2,000 to $4,000 price range. If that's the case, its going to be competing with PRS, American Strats and L.P's. I think with those specs and visual appeal in that price range, it will do VERY well. I know I'd like my son, who now plays a PRS SE to get one when he upgrades.

  5. Nice looking model with the sleek curved body ,trim neck, and sensual dials. Nice!!!
    I loved the Fly in Philly and this is a beautiful looking guitar to match... I just might buy one to pratice my three and a half chord repritore(sp).
    Love you stuff Adrian.
    P.S. I still love the Strat and what you made it do.

  6. thanks for your tremendous gig in uruguay
    i´ll never forget

  7. What a beautiful guitar! This is just what we needed! Thanks for doing your part to bring it to production Adrian. - S.

  8. I do like a bit of guitar porn in the morning...

    I normally hate the Parker Fly design, but the refinement of the top cut-away has turned this guitar into a thing of beauty. Nice.

    A shame it is going to be prohibitively expensive then... :-(

  9. That's gonna be a fine instrument. And since I can't afford the Ferrari, I'm gonna have to find a way to get myself the Mercedes. Will it feature the pictured S/S/H pickup pattern?

  10. hey there,
    the AB signature model dragonfly will have the same two-pickup configuration as on the AB fly.
    the bridge is a DeMarzio, the neck is the sustaniac. we are hoping to give the piezo pickup its own volume control to make mixing it with or without the mag pickups easier. there will be a 5-way switch as well.
    plenty of sound capabilities.
    as far as price I believe it's more in the 6k range, like a good PRS. for a guitar that stays almost perfectly in tune, weighs 5 pounds, has a catalog worth of sounds, a neck that plays like butter, and a fabulous tremelo system, and a sustainer, it's going to be worth every penny.

    happy pickin's