Friday, February 9, 2007


hey kids!
a thread has developed concerning money
(something artists cringe to talk about) versus quality.
FLAC vs. MP3
and the sanity of releasing my rarities myself
instead of giving them to say, iTunes or DGM.
let's get this party started!
I am looking into FLAC.
my webmaster rob murphree completely revamped our site
(and did a marvelous job which is not easy or cheap to do)
to release MP3's but not to release FLAC, which is more expensive.
if the site seems "loose-loose" as has been said, please give us a moment,
this is after all our first two weeks and we have only
rob and myself doing everything.
DGM has a full staff for instance.
concerning sound quality: I listen to our MP3s before I ever offer them
and I listen in my studio where many of the original records themselves (including Krimson) were made and the sound quality has never bothered me.
one person suggests I should release my work on DGM instead
and promises he would buy it if it were there.

so why not just use DGM?
well for one thing DGM is Robert Fripp's site, not mine.
don't I get a future to build on?
the music offered on DGM is partly my work and the work of others
but were I to offer DUST on DGM I would receive $.25 per dollar of download,
DGM would receive the remaining $.75.
if for example there is a download on DGM which features
one of the quartets of Krimson I'm in,
I receive one fourth of the $.25 artist share
(divided by the four band members)
or a whopping $.06.
DGM receives the remaining $.75.
you do the math.
not much future for me and my family there.

oh, I almost forgot:
as far as I know I have yet to receive $.01 from iTunes!
(even though I spent $150 on iTunes collecting songs from my youth).

I will eventually offer the DUST collection as a whole on CD's
for the going rate of CD's with high-quality well-recorded material
and original artwork.
but that is not what these weekly downloads are about.
they are for fans who have a jar of small change to spend on music for fun,
and hopefully they're inoffensive to my audiophile fans.
it was also suggested I should release a live recording as a download on DGM for $12.99
while I am making a live record next week with the best trio I know,
I am putting it out myself.
that way I can make some money.

so thank you everyone.
it means a lot to me that you buy my music from me.
thanks for your continued support of my work.


  1. All good points. I was one of those who wondered aloud about file quality and cost. I am glad to hear CD-quality is in the plan. I still see a large expense in my future, but...

    ...this is what makes blogging great: An opportunity to hear, straight from the rhino's mouth, his thoughts on setting up a complex web site; music downloads and intellectual property rights; making a living as a musician vs. as a businessman; and other meaty topics (apologies to the vegans).

    Robert Fripp has previously spoken wisely on many of these topics as well. Now I have even more to chew on as I ponder how much Dust I should inhale. Thanks.

  2. I just have to de-lurk for moment to put in my 'two-bob's worth' (now there's some Aussie culture for ya!)....
    Thunderous applause must go to Adrian, and webmonkey Rob, for a splendiferous job well-done on re-vamping the Belew Website! I love the new look, and I think the placement of Ade's excellent 'Life in a Nuts hell' is perfect - I for one never get tired of watching it!
    As for the long-awaited, week - by - week presentation of 'Dust'- I for one think this is a great concept! I'm already looking forward to the next exerpt to be released...the heady anticipation of which wondrous tasty morsel we will be served this time, by our sonic-chef extraodinare Adrian Belew! Peas!!!! what an appertiser to start with. Bring it on Mr. Belew, I'm ready for my next course!
    But on a more serious note, FLAC v MP3's... being an audio-phile, I take my music purchases very seriously. I have, to date, purchased many FLAC downloads from DGMLive (which I believe to be a fantastic forum), and will continue to do so - the only draw-back is that Paypal is not offered, requiring the purchaser to have a credit card - something that many people do not CHOOSE to own.
    I believe that, having Paypal available at StoreBelew, will open up the availability of its contents to many more people. As for the FLAC v MP3 argument, I could not discern any loss of quality in my 2 MP3 Belew downloads. And even if there were, I acknowledge that we have received a wonderful gift from Mr. Belew, that we may not have otherwise received at this point in time; and if, as Ade mentions in his Belewblogg, he decides to offer 'Dust Particles' as a high-quality 'real' CD, then I will be first in line to purchase it ALSO. As I have done with all past and future Belew/KC releases, in all their various incarnations and presentations - I WANT IT ALL!
    Thanks for reading, I will resume lurk mode now.

  3. Someday I'll have the equipment to appreciate a FLAC and maybe I'll be motivated enough to get a credit card accepted by DGM.

    Meanwhile, I'll download some Dust to my old iRiver machine, where the files can play with my recordings of birds and other creatures, theme music from movie credits, and other fun, found noises.

    Thanks for all the music!