Wednesday, February 7, 2007

"isn't this a dull affair,
enough to make me lose my hair.."*

today has been anything but dull.
email from robert saying how much he loves the "life in a nuts hell" piece,
one of the last things ken and I worked on together.

a visit with mike gallaher who agreed
to give weekly guitar lessons to leah, my 7 year old rock star.
(maybe he'll show me a thing or two).

a call from umphree's mcgee from a studio in chicago.
I said I wish I was there (god, I love recording in the studio)
and we talked about some of the songs they sent me to learn
and how much fun will be had in march...

it's funny how after the K3 dates ended on the edit room floor
I worried this year might be a dull affair. like the beginning of last year.
I couldn't get late.
but looking thru my telescope I see some bright points of light ahead after all:

3 fabulous shows with the Adrian Belew Power Trio!
eric, julie, martha, john, and biff together again...gee, what a lovely pair.
and I'm assured of at least one slick parent (hopefully both)
and you're nearly assured of a spanking new baby (why would you spank a new baby?):
side 4: live

followed by yours truly trying to play with umphree's mcgee
(as solo opener and band member)
which also means riding on the bus with umphree's
which ultimately means revealing my inner self to umphree's.
a pleasant thought perhaps.
maybe not for them!

encored by a bears tour!
ummmmmm. capital grille, chicago.
our favorite waiter Ron.
bob's snoring in the van.

the only thing missing is solid news from the front:
when are the KC boys coming home?
soon, I hope. soon.

*"heaven's bed" from inner revolution.


  1. Adrian was worried that this year might be slow and dull? How in the world could anything Adrian is ever involved in ever be like that?

  2. Hello Adrian!

    Catching up this morning with about a week's worth of your blog. You have adapted quite well to the surroundings. :)

    THANKS for the downloads. I look forward to having all 72 tracks of Dust. I love the Seattle BBG and I have been having Peas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was great to find your breakdown detailing the fun involved in making it with such great musical friends, and I had wondered about some of the stuff you explained.

    Leah is lucking to have such an awesome guitar instructor - besides her dad *insert smile*
    I listen to Mike's CD often. He is brilliant.

    Yes indeed, it is a real treat to have Adrian, Martha, Eric, Julie, John, Biff, Slick Parents all together again! This is excitment full powered! I just might find myself at one of those shows! *shakes head* And what baby? A new guitar baby?

    Peas on earth