Friday, February 9, 2007

Anecdote # 101

isn't an anecdote something you give a person who's bitten by a snake?
I knew pat metheny's half-sister, we called her tall nancy.
she went out into the desert to find peace and solace and sat on a rattlesnake.
it bite her somewhat.

anyway, I'm always asked to tell anecdotes about my meetings with remarkable men
and I always tell them the same way,
so I'm going to start giving each one a number.
that way I can refer interested parties to this site for any particular story they might need.
"oh yeah, that's #207, go check it out".

next week we'll be playing at the rock n' roll hall of fame for frank zappa day.
it is an honor to do anything for frank as well as the hall of fame.
I was interviewed by the Cleveland Plains Dealer and asked for an anecdote
about life with frank so I'll start there:

Anecdote 101
At Home With The Zappas.
the first of many weekends I spent at frank's house we were sitting in his living room on the purple couch when his 5-year-old son dweezil came in riding a little red tricycle around the room. dweezil had beautiful long spit curls and he was doing circles around the furniture.
I said, "frank that's a beautiful little girl you have there". dweezil wheeled his trike right up to me, gave me the finger, and said, "fuck you!"


  1. not that you are just lucky , but what a 1st birthmak to have , a frank zappa dad , fill those shoe's and remember how to say "fuck you"

    np side 3

  2. Great story, Adrian. Just discovered your sites and am having a blast! Dropped about 70 bucks on music tonight - Cds and downloading Dust - and will do more damage to my Paypal account in the future as I support your online efforts.

    Just saw Dweezil this past weekend in Vegas on the ZPZ tour. He's all growedup now, and damn if the little bastard didn't perform Frank's solo from Yo Mama note-for-note! The point, as I received it, was that Frank's solos were sometimes amongst his greatest compositions. Ray White was with him, too, and they did City of Tiny Lights. It was great, but it made me wish you'd do a guest spot with ZPZ someday. How 'bout it?