Tuesday, February 13, 2007

parting shot...

last minute blog until my return monday evening
at which time I promise to publish the next download
and it's duesey called duck funk symphony.
we're off to blog through snowy ohio,
play three excellent shows,
(can't wait to play with eric and julie again)
and return victorious with a new live record.
for those of you who need it, I suggest going back
to read the blogs from the beginning.
you may have missed something.
like anecdote # 202 or
how I became acquainted with robert fripp's predicament.


  1. HI
    Well all the schools in central Ohio are closed (I am a in Columbus and my day job is a teacher so I am loving the days off) It is a snowy Icy Mess here Be Carfull!! Over 12" of snow on some of your trip.
    I really wanted to see the TRIO at Canal Street but weather and lack of baby sitters able to stay out that late looks like it will exclude me this time. I am still looking ...there is always hope. Have a good trip stay warm.

    Glad to see that you got your picture of you taking a picture:)

  2. Good morning and good luck,
    I'm in southwestern ohio and plan on making it to both CST and SGH. It seems the snow and ice have ended and by Friday and Saturday everything should be a slushy but passable mess.
    see ya there!

  3. have a great mini-tour, adrian.

    hey, when are you gonna come out to northern nevada with those slicksters?

    we have a great venue in carson city (http://www.breweryarts.org/) that is housed in an old catholic church with simply wonderful acoustics! time to raise their roof!

    monty wolf
    but, you know me as gregory w. gillette

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed that there will be an east coast tour of the AB3 sometime soon.

    I saw you in Annapolis with the two Mikes and am ready to feast my ears on the Slicks.

  5. Hi,

    I'll be at the Newport Show. Haven't seen you since The Bears in So Cal. So long ago...The weather is COLD single digits over night into the twenties during the day. Snow is predicted but as you know it's tough to predict the Ohio River Valley weather very far in advance.

    Thanks for your little homecoming party. I'm excited to be a part of it.

  6. Hi Adrian,

    It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person. Who would have thought it would have been in Newport, Kentucky? I first heard you in LA at the Forum in David Bowie's band - was that 1979? Thanks for playing Lone Rhinoceros tonight - that was a treat.

    I also liked meeting Julie and Eric and Gary and Martha and Bob Nyswonger too. I had a blast. The Power Trio is powerful indeed. Barefoot Julie really surprised me with her ease of execution on Levin Lines and her abstract post-modern funk. Eric is quite the drummer too. The really are head of the class aren't they!

    I appreciate that all of you are top shelf performers and yet remain unassuming. Keep up the high level of artistry that is lacking in so much music these days.

    God Bless,

  7. The show was absolutely AMAZING at Southgate House! Thank you (all 3 of you!) for such a mindblowing performance! I was so excited to see you for the second time in less than a year! I got to see you when you were at the Springfield arts festival last July. Both shows were amazing. Thank you again for venturing down this way!

  8. Adrian, I was there at the Bogarts LOG/Gaga gig, both houses! Probably the only concert I've attended that was a complete surprise. Cherished memory: My guitar-mentor-buddy quizzing you on how-you-do and his wide-eyed look as you laid it all out for him/us. Since, gee... 4 KC gigs, 4 Bears, 3 with your own band(s) - incl. Canal Street last Friday. Always wonderful to hear you in an intimate setting like that, great, fiery show! They do need some warning tape on those PA speakers though... Looking fwd to the live record - the Slicks are superb!. Love reading your thoughts on this blog too - but love your music even more. Keep on...!