Monday, February 12, 2007

testing 1... 2

today marks the end of my first 2 weeks of blogging.
should I continue or quit while I'm ahead?
hmmm...well, I am a very busy person and blogging
is sooo time consuming. but on the other hand
(I wear a glove)
I do enjoy writing these blurbles.
the strange thing about the internet is you never know,
am I talking to 10 people or 10,000?

or to myself.


  1. Please keep blogging! The beauty of blogging is that much of the overhead is handled for you automatically. I suspect that it's a lot easier to publish to your blog, than to coordinate posting information on your web page the way you've tried to in the past.

    We love knowing what's going on at planet Belewbeloid!

  2. Keep it a going I have really enjoyed the last few weeks. if you don't keep blogging who else would guide us through the dust particles.

  3. Ade, don't you dare quit! Reading your blog is like getting to have Friday dinner with you every day...all the wit and intelligence just shines through. It's genius stuff...really!


  4. I added this comment to a different post, but it seems better to put it here instead:


    Thanks for giving us a peek into the creative process. As somone who does not have that gift of musical creativity, I find these stories very interesting. I imagine an Adrian Belew "Story Tellers" concert that used to air on VH1 would be quite good.

    ~ Scott

  5. I third the motion! Please Please PLEASE keep on Belewblogging Adrian!
    We totally understand that you already totally multi-task to the max....but we loyal and long-time Belewbelloid fans have so enjoyed all the tasty little tidbits that you have so graciously been sharing with us of late, that we would totally be devastated if it were all to come to an end - please dont let it end Adrian!!!!!!

    As a previous poster mentioned earlier, it is so very interesting to be given a small insight into just how you have created and put together all of the incredible music that you have given to us over the past 26 wonderful years.

    And your blog allows us to get just that little bit closer to you, and be able to get, bit by bit, a little better understanding of the real Man behind the Music.

    And I love the concept of the weekly release of Dust Particles for us to inhale - I have been in eager anticipation of todays release all week. And as 'toyman' has just said, who else could possibly guide us through our journey of your 'dust' particles. As far as I am concerned, there is only 1 - Mr.(incredibly talented, unbelievably under-rated, and a truly beautiful Human Being) Adrian Belew, who could possibly do them justice.

    A heartfelt Thank You Ade for everything you have shared with us.

  6. Hi Adrian,

    I've really enjoyed this and really appreciate your taking to time to communicate with us in this way.

    I remember seeing you (and the rest of the Bears) for the first time at the old 9:30 Club in Washington in about '86 or '87. By buddy and I were blown away! Seen you many times over the years. Also especially enjoyed your Acoustic show at the Barns of Wolf Trap in the early 90s. Remember your talking about Frank Zappa then and trying to deal with a guy who was insistent that you perform "Neurotica" acoustically. :o)

    Hope for you to keep blogging away!

  7. Ade, your blog is a great thing! Especially for us non-US residents who 'need to know'

  8. Hey, it may not be 10,000 people but we are closing in on at least 10!

    Keep at it. I love reading the updates. Oh and, bring The Bears to Buffalo if you can! :)

  9. This is great stuff and has already become a part of my morning routine. Please continue.

    PS keep in mind many people may read but might not want to bother with registering with google(I only did so just to have the capability to leave this comment). You single handedly made me give information to google. Crap, what I have I done?!

  10. OK, I'll make it an even 10. I would like it very much if you would continue to post to the blog as your time permits. Looking forward to Thursday!

  11. Adrian,

    Please, PLEASE keep blogging. This is a great opportunity to speak directly to the people who love and support your music.


    Eric Anderson

  12. I eleventh what everyone else has said here.

    I love reading what Adrian has to say!


  13. adrian,
    Keep it up! To answer your question, so far, their would appear to be at leats 14 people reading...counting yourself.

  14. Hi Adrian,

    don´t feel overpowered by your own blog. Sometimes you feel too obliged to write sth. and suddenly you feel stressed by what should be fun for you and your readers. Just keep taking it easy!

    I´m living in Spain and reading your blog entries has become a part of daily life for me like e.g. (no pun intended ;-) ) Robert´s diary and other things on the web, but if I can´t have it daily I´m still anticipating the next time, cause I like it!
    So, please, keep sharing a part of your life with us!

    I´m really looking forward to your "finishing some dust-songs" competition. IMO that´s a typical brilliant example of how things suddenly emerge from doing blogs, web-diaries etc. and the "Why not?" attitude that immediately goes along with that.

  15. Oh, please do go on. It was just getting interesting.

    (I lie, it was interesting from the beginning.)

  16. yes adrian, keep it up, it's magically delicious.

    anyway, you never call. you never write.

    : )

    todd v. wolfson

  17. Love to hear from you, please keep on blogging...
    Keep telling us about your guitars, your travels, your family life and the amazing work of composing music.

    thanks for your words

  18. Oh, please do continue! If it helps, consider it writing practice for that Autobiography we'd love to read, some day...

  19. hey old slink , dont fret , some folks just may have a slight case of the butterfly's . you know alot of folks really , really look up to you . could be a tad bit intimidating at first . this type of exchange is subject to ALOT of pitfalls , ie: what if i ask a question and he doesnt answer , what if he DOES . putting it out there for all to see is what you do best , keep on keepin on

  20. Oh Adrian,

    I'm loving elephantblog because for the first time in 11 years, I can actually visit and see something new that wasn't put there by me. Plus, every Monday, it lets me know when to post the new Dust track.

    Your Webhamster,

  21. go, daddy-o, go!

    it's like having a little adrian inside my computer. which is much better than an austrian self-sharpening razor-back!

  22. Thanks for blogging, Adrian. I understand the time consumption involved and the constraints you probably have on your time. You may be able to manage your blog time by doing so not as frequently. I only check in every several days since you started blogging and only that frequently because you did start blogging. I enjoy your posts for the insight and perspective you provide on your music. That said, I don't want to know too much either. I like to keep an aspect of my fantasy (for lack of a better term) alive. I hope you find a groove to keep blogging at some degree. It's nice being able to "communicate" back to the "creator" every once in a while.
    Looking forward to the new releases due later. Would love to be able to catch another show (this time with the power trio) in the not too distant future.

  23. It must be 10,000+ who read your blog. It was less than perfectly easy to even post this comment, and I do so because I love your blog for the same reasons mentioned by others. Your music is the best and most important, so it should come first. But please keep the blog going even if less often.

    Music is the BEST!

  24. I check in here every few days, and read all at once. I have you linked on my blog, for the 3 readers I have to check you out over here... The publicity machine is rolling now!

    Thanks for all your great music.


  25. So at least 28 people read it. Including you!

    That's worth keeping it up eh?

    I've been checking in for the past two weeks and am pretty excited about this venture of exchange.

    I even enjoy it more than youtube!


  26. Dude--

    Yes absolutely please keep elephant talking. Saw you at Rockefeller's in Houston in '92, when you bit a piece off your guitar and spit it into the crowd, beauty. And oh yes, put on a fantabulous show. The Dweezil story, hilarious, these are words with an "f" this time.... So much happiness you give. This dinosaur will keep reading.

  27. Adrian,

    Even if it takes me a month to catsup (obviously it does at times) it's a treat to see the insights and hear the aural history.

    Not to mention the unmentionables like Robert's willy (won't he?) and a glimpse of your posterity.

    And I continue to Save As your artyfacts with every (blog) entry and (mp3) outtake. All downloads present and acounted for, sir!

    Please come to NEARfest some year! I'm still waiting...

    In your corner since '81,