Friday, February 9, 2007

Peas* part two

let's continue with the second half of our exploration of the opus peas*, shall we?
we left off at the bridge in which the future deadman searches
to find the best way to eat peas with a knife.
certain of us find the "peas with knife" concept archaic
but it does lead to a picturesque glissando of peas sliding down a throat...weeeeeeeee.
(thanks to the helium)
which begins the melodic repetitions of the outchorus
where your host mimics
(look at me, I'm a regular mel blanc)
the voices of opera star Emir Facade,
and his seven year old valet,
followed by Powder Blue, holiday inn singer extraordinare,
then Charlelle, the metro-sexual love interest of our opus,
and finally our own Elvis impersonator ron jeremy
(not to be confused with....oh, never mind)

the whole sorry affair falls to pieces when the guitarist' pick is dropped
(and it lands in the sound hole, the only true part of the story).
still hoping to plummet to stardom
the tiny band of peas re-group
for one last practice session and a proverbial happy ending.

small wonder I kept this on a shelf all these years.
still thinking about downloading peas?


*another few useless bites of tripe: carolyne janssen, wife of wild bill (and one of the mourning ladies) sewed these ridiculous little green pea caps which made an instant idiot of anyone who donned one. of course rich, christy, bill, and I did just that when we played live shows as GaGa in 1980 (a fact which ultimately lead to the invention of Butox when so many puzzled brows were reported through out the midwest). GaGa performed without a drummer! in a move suggested by robert fripp we used tapes of my drumming, in what has to be one of the earliest crude examples of a drum machine. to this day people swear they saw a real drummer onstage with us. Jefferson Airplane's Ansley Dunbar (allegedly a real drummer) was reportedly incensed by our box-of-drummer approach when we opened for "the Plane" in Indiana and refused to watch the band. GaGa went on to open 5 shows for robert fripp's band The League Of Gentleman which led robert to invite me into King Crimson in 1981.

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  1. Gaga at the Cleveland Agora, opening for Robert's League of Gentlemen - one of my cherished memories, Adrian! Seeing Robert come out to see Gaga, then you came out to see LoG... I knew of you from Sheik Yer Bouti (sp?) and 'Flakes' was already a fav, but I became a lifelong fan that night. Sometime later, I saw Robert do a Frippertronics show at a church in Greenwich Village, at which he seemed delighted to explain that KC was reforming with you.

    Up until those events, I felt I had learned about so much great music only years after it was released - suddenly I felt tuned into new happenings! Ah, the excitement of the college years.

    Thank you, Adrian, for so much wonderful music that has been a comfort through out my life!