Wednesday, February 21, 2007

rare birds...

oh yes, I almost forgot to publish this, my favorite shot of the trio.
I took this photo backstage at the canal street show
just before I whacked my head open...
afterwards they rushed me to the hospital
where they found a sliver of brain lodged in my skull.


  1. well then - that proves my theory...
    you three ARE the sweetest trio I have ever seen/heard!

    Hi Ade...caught you on webcast/radio last sure was a blast listening to your comments, thoughts, and your views on the environment (did you end up getting Al Gore's phone number?)

    I tried and tried to get through on the phone lines, but alas, my questions went unanswered ;(

    If I may be so bold as to ask them now....Any idea of a time-line on the release of Side 4; ditto for the DVD version?
    For those of us, due to the tyranny of distance,unable to attend the gig personally, it will be the only chance we may get to see you perform with Eric & Julie.
    Which leads me to my final question - due you have any plans to bring your extraordinary trio north of the border (namely to Vancouver!) next fall?
    (1000 apologies for the 20 questions Adrian.)

  2. I did get Al's number or at least his press agent's number. if Al needs some music...well. there is no planned time line for side four as yet. just now I'm dealing with the new bears release. I think it will be perhaps 3 to 4 months. just a guess. the dvd may take longer. touring: can't do any trio touring while julie finishes her schooling (if you ask me she's already a SMARTIE)but any time after june I would hope to do as many shows as we can. I love vancouver! one of my favorite memories is staying there at the four seasons looking out at the bay from my room.

  3. OMG! - 1000 thank you's to you Adrian for your reply to my 1000 questions! x0x0x

    I totally understand that you are incredibly busy right now, especially with the new Bears release happening soon (so looking forward to this new one!) And I know these things are best NOT hurried - I will try to be more patient. But the Beat Box Guitar download is just so incredible, it has give us a huge thirst to hear more from the three of you.

    Regarding Vancouver, my hubby saw you and the mighty Crim play the last time y'all were in town back in 2003. This time we would love to see youself, Eric & Julie play somewhere a little more intimate.

    Tell me what we need to do to get you here, and I will arrange it!

    As far as I am concerned, creativity and virtuosity ARE back in vogue! Thanks Ade!

  4. Always enjoy saying hi Adrian.

    Hey last night I asked about Zappa and the Dust name for your box set. All I remember was the talk about Zappa and the Synclavier but I don't remember your response to the question -- Why the name Dust?

  5. when I first looked at the idea of releasing rarities I didn't think I would have enough to fill even one CD! boy was I wrong. one of the first un-released pieces I found in my archives was an unfinished King Crimson song from 1983. at the time I had given it the title DUST. seemed a fitting title for all the rarities. I am releasing DUST (the krimson track) in 2 two weeks on march 5. by the way, so as not to confuse everyone: yes, I intend to release DUST: THE BOX SET on CD but not until the downloads are finished.

  6. I love the name for the box set. With all that's happened in the last year or so it is a perfect fit.

    This will be a real treat! I fell in love with KC and your music around 1982 - first saw you guys at the Greek in LA.

    Thanks for all the dusty releases.

  7. Hi Adrian.

    I'm pleased to read about a "Side Four" release. Can't wait to hear that. Nice shot, by the way... are you using that on the cd cover? :)

    I remember reading a post of yours saying you weren't sure about how many people were reading your blogs. Just keep doin' it. I'm here everyday, and I think a lot of other fans as well! That's a very interesting reading, indeed.

    Just one more thing to add. I'm Marco from Roma, Italy, the "little bass amp guy", as Mike Gallaher called me. I've opened a show of your trio over here, with my band. Do you remember me? Well, just wanted to say hi, and hope to see you soon again here in Italy.



  8. Adrian-

    I'd like to do a phone Q&A with you for the Detroit Metro Times. Could you get in contact with me? I tried contacted the email for mgmt on your site, but haven't heard back. Let me know one way or the other, please. Thanks,

    Chris Parker

  9. Sorry, forgot to include my email. Please contact me at My deadline is a week from Monday. Thanks.

    Chris Parker