Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Poca Madre

the laurie anderson adrian belew fretless wonder is now winging its way to a museum in tampa, florida where the curator (a mysterious ms. jade) promises it will begin life anew as a traveling exhibit. and just to make life sweeter for brownie I've sent along his compadre el sombrero. I wore the guitar and sombrero together in laurie's movie home of the brave. we were recording some of the movie's music in a studio down in the lower village. we had been comically smoking some big cigars during the session. laurie and I took a stroll outside for a few minutes and found a street-side flea market, my eyes instantly drawn to this authentic-looking sombrero which I bought for a few measly pesos. it seemed a perfect fit for our cigar-puffing antics and became my costume for the movie.
so long brownie! have a good life.


  1. Poca Madre indeed Mr Belew. As soon as I read the title of this blog entry, it took me back to the first contact I had with anything Adrian Belew. That would be back when I was about ten years old listening to Caifanes. Reading the Laurie Anderson story and picturing both of you having a good time, was a nice compliment to the nostalgia. Bon voyage brownie!

  2. De poca madre la musica que produce y compone el Sr. Belew !