Monday, February 19, 2007

a three-hour tour...

phew...made it to cleveland, wasn't easy.
outside the hyatt on superior avenue it's a snowy slushy cold mess.
but inside you find this enchanting atrium arcade from 1890. nice shops. food.
then on to the hall of fame. what a place!
modern history, one of my favorite subjects.
I was nervous since we had not played a note together for 3 months.
so I didn't take pictures at the hall of fame.
I tried to focus inside instead.
but I knew eric and julie have never not once let me down.
they are that good.
and the show was a .8 on the richter.

next day drive to dayton ohiohitler!
I was so relaxed, happy. we were back.
hey! bumpity bump!
I hit my imposing forehead a good one getting on stage in dayton.
didn't know what to do or if I was bleeding
or dead
so I picked up the adrian belew parker fly and started the show.
the cameras were rolling (thanks sewells) and the band was hot.
and I forgot about my headache.
but I have a two-inch war wound where my hair once lived.

despite the snow dayton fans were steamy.
we have such nice fans everywhere we go.
added another cool rhino artifact
given to me by another sweet fan at southgate.
I'm getting an impressive collection of gift rhinos.
my aunt rhode would be proud.
she had a collection of 900+ ceramic dogs.
each one was numbered on the bottom.

backstage before the southgate show
photographer mark colman was set up, lights and all
to do a portrait of the trio for side four.
mark does exciting things with images.
he did the warhol portrait of me for side three.
in the southgate newport cincinnati audience,
a couple of bears, a few old friends.
not the turnout expected because of bad weather.
I wouldn't have gone to see elvis & the fab four that night.
but it didn't matter.
another great show for another ecstatic audience.
our 3-hour tour was a success!*

sunday: a photo shoot with the bears and photographer michael wilson
in the same downtown studio space michael shot the photos for
inner revolution and car caught fire.
hard to keep a straight face with the bears in costume (magical headwear)
around a bowl of dry ice which refused to cooperate.
but we trust you, mm m michael.

one more note of thanks to gary and robin slick
for making up several hundred $5 cd's of the beatbox download from seattle.
sounds like quite a family affair burning cd's en masse at the slick residence.
(oh, and thanks again for eric and julie. my what good genes you have.)

*just got home, have yet to hear live tapes but our front of house engineer
john sinks says he thinks we hooked one. yeah!


  1. another great show for another ecstatic audience

    It's mutual. I, as well as many others, absolutely love the AB tours. Not to say I don't love KC, I do. But it's not the same. Oh, you know what I mean. ;)

    Happy to hear things went well on your end, 'cept for the bumpity bump! Ouch! I look forward to seeing it on film!

    Great photos too, keep 'em coming!

  2. Glad the show turned out so great. Can't wait to hear it on cd. I had a great aunt that collected ceramic dogs also. She had 4 or 5 shelves that were about 8 feet long, covered in little ceramic dogs. Not sure what happened to those when she passed away. That was a nice memory.
    I can't wait to here the new Bears!!
    Thanks for bloggin'

  3. When are you coming to Houston or Austin? Your manager should be sending you south in the winter. Dayton and Cleveland are summer gigs.

    Take care.