Thursday, February 22, 2007

goodbye, I love you.

the emails I've long dreaded are pouring in...
Ian Wallace is dead.
I loved him very much.
I have no words to say...


  1. godspeed, ian.

    you're in my heart!

    sympathy to family and friends.

    greg gillette

  2. Ian, we never met but I feel like I knew you from your on-line diary. You made your fascinating gig-world available to us and I really appreciate it. Your sense of humor was huge and your heart was huge. Thanks for letting me get to know you as well as I did. I appreciate you. - S.

  3. It's strange how the death of someone you never met can still touch you.

    I will miss you, Ian.

  4. A crim and very fine person has flown away. Heavy hearts he leaves behind.

  5. I am nearly at a lack for words. Ian and Margie became my friends, after photographing Ian (before he released Happiness with Minimal Side Effects). I'm so shocked that he went so fast. He was a wonderfaul man and on more than one occassion his humour lifted me when I was down. His big hugs were sincere and he was such a gifted musician and singer. When he and Margie came over to play the yet to be released Crimson Songbook, it was obvious that they were deeply in love. Margie, my heart goes out to you. I love you both. Ian wouldn't want us to be sad.
    He still lives in us.

  6. I've posted a humble photographic tribute to Ian on my blog:

  7. An infectious wit, a drumming prowess revered the world over, and still the kind of approachable guy you'd be glad to stay up half the night with trading stories over a pint at the pub. A sad loss indeed.

    Farewell, Ian...

  8. he loved you too...more than words can say. lemon drops all 'round when i get to nashville.