Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Like Peas in a Boxcar

for the brave few who already have downed peas*
in fact for those who have not yet down-loaded it,
let's take the time now to reflect upon further fine points
of the peas opus.

following ms. christys opening 68 eighth notes

a) in verse 1 we discover a man has evidently perished
from too many peas, a vegetable he says he adores.
The King Elvis Himself steps forward to sing the eulogy:
"give me peas on my plate..."

c) at the funeral
while ms. christy refines the melody on farfisa
the morgue is filled with mourning ladies
and their flowery dissings of other morning ladies.
meanwhile two old men,
two very old men,
reveal in conversation that our dead vegan
in fact worked his whole grain life in produce.
(oh, life's little ironing).

d) just as the reverend william janssen ruminates on life in produce aisle 7
the tiny band of peas begin to practice their musical magic.......voila!
only to be aborted by mean mr. getz. (see volume 1 no. 2)
which brings us to the bridge.
("peas appease me" sung by neville chamberlain).

e) what ever happened to b)?

now, to those of you who are still thinking of downing peas,
can't you see what you missing?

*drummer jerry hertig was the drummer for sweetheart the nashville band frank zappa plucked me from. known to all as Mr. Tig he was an all lanky Ohioan who looked perfectly at home in zoot suit tie and fedora. stay tuned for more fascinating nougats of uselessness.

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