Monday, February 26, 2007


news flash: the new bears record is now called eureka!*

eu re' ka (greek) any exclamation of triumphant achievement,
equivalent to "I've got it!".
supposedly uttered by Archimedes as he leapt naked
from his bathtub after solving a math problem
proposed to him by the King.
also the state motto of Galleyfornia
as well as the name of cities in Kansas, Arkansas, Montana,
Nevada, and Missouri.

*our first choice voila! was evidently taken as the title for a recent record by belinda carlisle
who is to be admired for her good taste.


  1. Hi Adrian,
    "Eureka" it is! It's what I'll be saying when I get a copy in my greedy little hands. One can never have enough Bears music. I know The Bears probably won't get any Ontario dates, but I'm always hoping. At least consider a Buffalo date (never thought I'd say that). You may not remember me, but we talked after the Johnny D's show in Somerville, MA. I told you and Rob that I was going up to VT for the next night's show. When you took the stage, you recognized me and said "you made it". Anyway...I took some pretty decent shots of 'youse guys' at those shows, some are on the wall in my media room. Especially one of the always animated CA. Enough rambling for now, just excited about the upcoming chapter of The Bears.
    Peter Hill

  2. Adrian-

    Hi. I'm a longtime music journalist (16 yrs!), and I've been given an assignment for a Q&A to preview your upcoming show in Detroit. I've not been able to get in contact with you, and I need to tell my editor yea or nay soon. Could you contact me at soundjudge at I would really appreciate it.

    Chris Parker

  3. "eureka! - SNIP - as well as the name of cities in Kansas, Arkansas, Montana,
    Nevada, and Missouri."

    eureka, nevada!

    does this mean the bears will be playing at the eureka opera house?

    that would be cooler than carson city.

    or, even cartoon city.

    greg gillette

  4. Eureka !!!! I can't wait to find it".

  5. Adrian,

    A little bird let slip that this "might be the last Bears disc. Ever." What's the scoop with that? Could there be a decision to end this awesome collaboration?