Monday, January 29, 2007

Rubberneck Guitar!

oh this is ever so cool. look what I just found in the StudioCloset.
the rubberneck guitar from laurie anderson's home of the brave movie.
it's amazing. it was in 1985 we made the movie (still not available on DVD)
before we began our month+ of filming, the propmasters byron lovelace and michael benson
asked if they could make me something special.
"oh yes, please", I said, "how about a rubberneck guitar"?
the first two they made were, how should I put it...flaccid.
so they came up with the brilliant! idea of putting metal vertabrae inside the rubber.
later I used the rubberneck guitar in the video for oh daddy
and received a chastizing formal complaint from some old clam
in canada saying I was vulgar.
speaks volumes about her thoughts, not mine.
it's such a fabulous prop, too bad you can't actually play it.


  1. people still make those comments on u tube I never even thought about it untill the collective "they" brought it up. I just watched the video on u tube I thought it was classy compared to all the other stuff that was on in the late 80.s.

    Now the rubber neck guitar is just plain cool. in the mid 80's, In the local instrument shop, I used to play with an incredible small short rubber-stringed bass, fretless, i believe, I still feel that ther are just not enough instruments that employ rubber.

  2. 'Home of the Brave' is an absolute classic! Alongside all of our KC Videos and DVD's (and one youngbelew instructional feast!), the Home of the Brave stands the test of time as one of our favourite movies. As with all of the abovementioned, we NEVER get tired of watching them!
    I've never understood why the Home of the Brave has not made it to DVD, especially considering the difficulties I went through trying to lay my hands on one; not to mention the cost...(all the way from Italy!) I would much prefer that the monies from such purchases go to the artists' pockets.
    I do have one question for Adrian though. I have always wondered - does one who appears in just such a movie, ever actually find themselves watching said movie over the years, just for enjoyment or reminiscing purposes?

  3. god no, I hate looking at myself on film.

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  5. you are the man...i love you and king crimson...keep rocking...and while you're at it...come back to japan and treat your gaijin fans to a musical adventure...word.

  6. Hello Mr. Adrian! I just wanted to ask - sort of a "misplaced" question, I hope it's not a problem :) - are there any possibilities for you or King Crimson to visit Poland again some day? As you know, you have a lot of fans here, so it would be a huge pleasure for us to see you and the band... In addition-such a great band... Best wishes! PS. It's a shame, that the rubberneck guitar cannot be played :( Maybe some day you could invent one :)

  7. Adrian great new site! Can't say enough about the musical legacy you are laying down, it's just too much. Saw you @ B.B. Kings 8.8.06, and it was right on, and at such a tender time. Well what would I say to that three legged dog? I would say that the duck told me he put that one on his bill. Keep Rockin', Keep Painting.

  8. t.y. so much 4 taking the time to do this . we really do get a chukle out of your comments . a deadpan delivery with impeccable timming makes some folks sense of humor go un-noticed , but not in our house . you really are quite a character , for a musician .

  9. Michael Benson...the propman says: Thanks for the kind comments and wonderful memories...that was a wonderful project!

  10. Michael forwarded the link to me which Byron sent him.

    I know they are so excited and proud.

    You brought a moment of joy into an otherwise sad day of remembrance.


    Marla (Michael's wife)
    Dallas TX

  11. Awesome!
    I am interested in this kind of guitar. I'm so excited!

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  13. Looks like a fun guitar to use, but in reality could the guitar be use for serious play?

  14. Didn't Gumby play one of those? Or was it Pokey?

  15. Gumby played the single pickup version with the vulcanised body. He had a rubber 'Kustom' amp and would bounce up and down on top as he played (see 'Gumby Rocks the Fillmore' on DVD)